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Posted 3 days 19 hours ago in Purdue Libraries News » PUP

We talked with author Alla Ivanchikova, to discuss her upcoming book, contemporary cultural production on Afghanistan, and this cultural production as a litmus test for a producer’s political and geopolitical beliefs. Ivanchikova’s book, Imagining Afghanistan: Global Fiction and Film of the 9/11 Wars, examines how Afghanistan has been imagined in literary and visual texts that were published after […]

Posted 3 weeks 4 days ago in Purdue Libraries News » PUP

This is a guest post by Jeff Frank, author of Teaching in the Now: John Dewey on the Educational Present. This commentary offers insights from John Dewey about how to approach the start of the school year so that students are prepared to do the type of work we hope they will do in the future. […]

Posted 3 weeks 6 days ago in Purdue Libraries News » PUP

In preparation for his forthcoming title Teaching in the Now: John Dewey on the Educational Present, we briefly talked to author Jeff Frank about the book, what motivated him to write it, and the reason for advocating for John Dewey’s work in the modern educational landscape.     Q: Could you briefly explain your book, […]