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Purdue Studies in Aeronautics and Astronautics builds on Purdue’s leadership in aeronautic and astronautic engineering, as well as the historic accomplishments of many of its luminary alums. Works in the series will explore cutting-edge topics in aeronautics and astronautics enterprises, tell unique stories from the history of flight and space travel, and contemplate the future of human space exploration and colonization. 

Series editor: James R. Hansen, Emeritus Professor of History at Auburn University and author of FIRST MAN: THE LIFE OF NEIL A. ARMSTRONG (Simon & Schuster, 2005, 2012). All proposals should follow the guidelines laid out by the Press's Editorial Board. All inquiries and proposals should be sent to...

A dynamic relationship has always existed between people and animals. Each influences the psychological and physiological state of the other. This series of scholarly publications, published by Purdue University Press in collaboration with Purdue University’s School of Veterinary Medicine, expands our knowledge of the interrelationships between people, animals, and their environment. Manuscripts are welcomed on all aspects of human-animal interaction and welfare, including therapy applications, public policy, and the application of humane ethics in managing our living resources. 

Series Editor: Alan M. Beck and Marguerite E. O'Haire, Purdue University

All proposals/submissions should be sent to the...

Purdue Studies in Romance Literatures (PSRL) publishes books on topics of literary importance that make a significant contribution to Romance scholarship. Studies are written in English, Spanish, or French and deal with topics in French, Italian, Luso-Brazilian, Spanish, and Spanish American literatures. Scholars have told us that they use PSRL books in their own research and in graduate courses and seminars. The books in the series cover a wide range of topics, including the comedia, seventeenth-century French literature, Italian and Latin American works, women's issues, and textual interpretation. 

PSRL books are evaluated, edited, and prepared in electronic form in the School of Languages and Literatures at Purdue and published and distributed by Purdue University Press. Submission Guidelines can be found at the series...

The series examines how cultural practices, especially contemporary creative media, both shape and themselves are shaped by current global developments such as the digitization of culture, virtual reality, global interconnectedness, increased people flows, transhumanism, environmental degradation, and new forms of subjectivities. We aim to publish manuscripts that cross disciplines and national borders in order to provide deep insights into these issues.

Series Editor:ario [at] brandeis [dot] edu ( Ari Ofengenden), Brandeis University

All proposals should be sent to the series editor and follow the guidelines laid out by the Press's Editorial Board.


The demise of the Communist Bloc a quarter century ago exposed the need for greater understanding of the broad stretch of Europe that lies between Germany and Russia. For four decades the Purdue University Press series in Central European Studies has enriched our knowledge of the region by producing scholarly monographs, advanced surveys and select collections of the highest quality.  Since its founding, the series has been the only English-language series devoted primarily to the lands and peoples of the Habsburg Empire, its successor states, and those areas lying along its immediate periphery.  Among its broad range of international scholars are several authors whose engagement in public policy reflects the pressing challenges that confront the successor states.  Indeed, salient issues such as democratization, censorship, competing national narratives, and the aspirations and treatment of national minorities bear evidence to the continuity...

Shofar Supplements in Jewish Studies is a book series linked to Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies. Volumes range widely, appropriately for a multidisciplinary field such as Jewish studies, but they tend to focus more on Jewish literature, culture, and history in the modern period and recent past. The series accepts both single author and edited manuscripts. The series is well-known for speed of production and the fact that books are circulated in electronic as well as print form, both through the Project Muse/UPCC and JSTOR collections as well as through online retailers.  

Series Editor: zevgarber [at] juno [dot] com (Prof. Zev Garber), professor emeritus and chair of Jewish Studies at Los...

The Casden Institute at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, supports research that aims to spur dialogue and achieve greater understanding not only about what it means to be Jewish in America but what it means to be American in a pluralistic society. What can we learn from the historical and contemporary impact of Jews on American life? How have Jews interacted with other ethnic and religious groups? How has Jewish identity changed? What has the cultural expression of those changes been? Such inquiries can lead to a new appreciation for what it means to be Jewish, to be American, and to interact with people of other cultures.

Studies in Jewish Civilization, based on the annual symposium of the Klutznick Chair in Jewish Civilization, examines Jewish history and culture around the world and throughout history. Recent volumes have taken a thematic approach. Volume 21 is the first published by Purdue University Press. Previous volumes in the series were published by Creighton University Press and distributed by University of Nebraska Press. Each thematic volume is sold as a book but, since the series was previously marketed as a journal, there is also a journal listing on this site and it can be subscribed to through subscription agents. The ISSN is 1070-8510.

The C-SPAN Video Library Series, growing out of conference proceedings, contains research papers based on this unparalleled digital video collection of the nation’s public affairs. The Library comprises over 220,000 hours of digitized video, making it a preeminent collection of US politics and policy in both size and scope. Scholars included in these volumes work in a multitude of disciplines from political science, history, and communication to sociology and psychology. This series aspires to highlight the current academic work around the archive, serving as a guide to scholars and researchers. The first volume also contains practical examples of the Library’s applications in the classroom.

Series Editor: Robert X. Browning, Purdue University

Published in association with the Global Policy Research Institute at Purdue University, the Purdue Studies in Public Policy series publishes thought-provoking books aimed at an audience of public policy-makers as well as a generally-interested public looking for authoritative and accessible introductions to areas of global concern.

All proposals should follow the guidelines laid out by the Press's Editorial Board.

PILH books promote evidence-based practice in teaching information literacy competencies through the lens of the different academic disciplines. The content of each volume includes the perspectives of disciplinary experts as well as library and information science professionals. The handbooks apply library and information science theories, pedagogies, and models to information literacy in the context of academic disciplines. Each handbook includes sections that explain the relationship of information literacy to different disciplines; identify relevant theories, pedagogies, and/or models; and relate those to effective practice in information literacy teaching and learning. The handbooks are designed both for librarians engaged in instruction and faculty in the disciplines who are including information literacy in undergraduate and graduate learning. Preference will be given to handbooks jointly authored or edited by a librarian and disciplinary faculty...

The Charleston Library Conference and its related venues for discourse provide a unique forum for discussion of issues of mutual interest across traditional divides between librarians, publishers, and vendors. Discussion is often 'ahead of the curve,' anticipating as well as reflecting the most important trends. The Series will focus on important topics in library, archival, and information science, presenting the issues in a relatively jargon­ free way that is accessible to all types of information professionals. Most volumes will be edited collections. A typical volume will present an overview of issues by an expert volume editor and then thematic chapters. Reflecting the pragmatic tone of the series, chapters will often include case studies that describe lessons learned and suggest best practice.

Series Editors: Katina Strauch and Tom Gilson of the College of Charleston.

Inquiries about the series and ideas for new...

The Charleston Conference is an informal annual gathering of librarians, publishers, electronic resource managers, consultants, and vendors of library materials in Charleston, SC, in November, to discuss issues of importance to them all. It is designed to be a collegial gathering of individuals from different areas who discuss the same issues in a non-threatening, friendly, and highly informal environment. Presidents of companies discuss and debate with library directors, acquisitions librarians, reference librarians, serials librarians, collection development librarians, and many, many others. Begun in 1980, the Charleston Conference has grown from 20 participants in 1980 to over 1,400 in 2011. Purdue University Press publishes print versions of the conference proceedings and Purdue Libraries hosts an online, Open Access version of all proceedings publishing since 2009 at