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Quixotic Vision of Sinclair Lewis
Become the CEO of You, Inc.: A Pioneering Executive Shares Her Secrets for Career Success
Guiding Future Homeland Security Policy: Policy Directions for Scientific Inquiry
World-Class Call Center Tours: The CompUSA Call Center
Narrative Transformations from L'Astrée to Le Berger extravagant
Egon Erwin Kisch, the Raging Reporter: A Bio-Anthology
Return Journey: Hope and Strength in the Aftermath of Alzheimer’s
Staging the Past: The Politics of Commemoration in Habsburg Central Europe, 1848 to the Present
Homes of Oberammergau: A Series of Twenty Etchings, Together with Notes from a Diary by Eliza Greatorex
Clearings in the Forest: On the Study of Leadership
Seize the Book, Jail the Author: Johann Lorenz Schmidt and Censorship in Eighteenth-Century Germany
To Make a Spotless Orange: Biological Control in California
Complete Federal and State Compliance Guide for Hoosier Businesses
Passion for Ideas: How Innovators Create the New and Shape Our World
Fictions du scandale: Corps féminin et réalisme romanesque au dix-neuvième siècle
Lay Your Cards on the Table: 52 Ways to Stack Your Personal Deck
Covering the Business Beat: Strategies for Publishing What You Write
From Pioneering to Persevering: Family Farming in Indiana to 1880
Why Work?: The Perceptions of a "Real Job" and the Rhetoric of Work through the Ages
Blue Flame: Woody Herman's Life in Music
Meaning and Appreciation: Time and Modern Political Life
Moral Picturesque: Studies in Hawthorne's Fiction
Reading Plotinus: A Practical Introduction to Neoplatonism
The Significance of Children and Animals: Social Development and Our Connections to Other Species
Across the Face of France
Happy Marriage and Other Stories
World-Class Call Center Tours: The Roche Call Center
The Centaur Types
Engineering in a Land Grant Context: The Past, Present, and Future of an Idea
A Round Indiana: Round Barns in the Hoosier State
Subject of Desire: Petrarchan Poetics and the Female Voice in Louise Labe
Airplane Boys on the Border Line
Illness in the Academy: A Collection of Pathographies by Academics
Community Disability Services: An Evidence-Based Approach to Practice
Other Writing: Postcolonial Essays in Latin America's Writing Culture
Ultimately Fiction: Design in Modern American Literary Biography
Aquinas Against the Averroists: On There Being Only One Intellect
International Sugar Agreements: Promise and Reality
Kitchen Gardening in America: A History of the Family Green Thumb
Confessions of a Rational Mystic
Plan to Win: A Definitive Guide to Business Processes
Food for the Winter
Vietnam: Four American Perspectives: Lectures by George S. McGovern, William C. Westmoreland, Edward N. Luttwak, and Thomas J. McCormick
Lines of Life: Theories of Biography, 1880-1970
Current Issues and Research in Veterinary Behavioral Medicine: Papers Presented at the Fifth Veterinary Behavior Meeting
Call Center Training Video, Tape 5: Customer Expectations
Golden Age Comedia: Text, Theory, and Performance
Fat Dogs and Coughing Horses
Guantanamo Bay and the Judicial-Moral Treatment of the Other
Frontiers of American Culture