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Guns and Garlic: Myths and Realities of Organized Crime
Naval Policy of Austria-Hungary, 1867-1918: Navalism, Industrial Development, and the Politics of Dualism
Road to Romanian Independence
William I. Myers and the Modernization of American Agriculture
Cervantes's Novelas ejemplares: Between History and Creativity
The Sacrifice: How Scientific Experiments Transform Animals and People
Women Succeeding in the Sciences: Theories and Practices Across Disciplines
Clearings in the Forest: On the Study of Leadership
Engineer's Diary of the Great War
Outstanding in His Field: Perspectives on American Agriculture in Honor of Wayne D. Rasmussen
Signs of Science: Literature, Science, and Spanish Modernity since 1868
World-Class Call Center Tours: The Ruppman Call Center
Complete Federal and State Compliance Guide for Hoosier Businesses
Father, Have I Kept my Promise: Madness as Seen from Within
La Plata Cantata
Interpretation of Illness
Pleasure of Writing: Critical Essays on Dacia Maraini
Sunday of Fiction: The Modern French Eccentric
Covering the Business Beat: Strategies for Publishing What You Write
For Shade and For Comfort: Democratizing Horticulture in the Nineteenth-Century Midwest
Management Consultancy in the 21st Century
Blue Flame: Woody Herman's Life in Music
Customer Call Center Outback: A Frontline Supervisor's Map to Success
Golden Bridge: A Guide to Assistance Dogs for Children Challenged by Autism or Other Developmental Disabilities
My Amiable Uncle: Recollections about Booth Tarkington
Become the CEO of You, Inc.: A Pioneering Executive Shares Her Secrets for Career Success
Regions in Central Europe: The Legacy of History
Virginia's Native Son: The Election and Administration of Governor L. Douglas Wilder
Duns Scotus, Metaphysician
Hard Water: Politics and Water Supply in Milwaukee, 1870-1995
Ockham on the Virtues
One Hundred and One Botanists
Airplane Boys on the Border Line
World-Class Call Center Tours: The Citizens Gas & Coke Utility Call Center
Community Disability Services: An Evidence-Based Approach to Practice
Ethics and Electronic Information in the Twenty-First Century
Just Love Me: My Life Turned Upside-down by Alzheimer's
Inbound Customer CallCenter Design
Fat Dogs and Coughing Horses
People, Property, or Pets?
St. Benedict's Rule for Business Success
Aquinas Against the Averroists: On There Being Only One Intellect
Strands of System: The Philosophy of Charles Pierce
Confessions of a Rational Mystic
Fichte's Wissenschaftslehre of 1794: A Commentary on Part 1
Learning and Knowledge for the Network Society
Pomp and Politics of Patriotism: Imperial Celebrations in Habsburg Austria, 1848-1916
Through Strangers' Eyes: Fictional Foreigners in Old Regime France
Creating Effective and Successful Teams
Memory and Myth