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Vienna Coffeehouse Wits, 1890-1938
Plan to Win: A Definitive Guide to Business Processes
Happy Marriage and Other Stories
Lines of Life: Theories of Biography, 1880-1970
Complete Guide to Alzheimer's-Proofing Your Home
Wittgenstein's Thought in Transition
Engineering in a Land Grant Context: The Past, Present, and Future of an Idea
At Wit's End: Plain Talk on Alzheimer's for Families and Clinicians
Shepherdess: Notes from the Field
Illness in the Academy: A Collection of Pathographies by Academics
Moral Picturesque: Studies in Hawthorne's Fiction
Crafting Customer Value: The Art and Science
World-Class Call Center Tours: The RCI Call Center
Call Center Training Video, Full Set
Reading Plotinus: A Practical Introduction to Neoplatonism
Strategies in Personal Finance: Basic Investment Principles for Today and Tomorrow
International Sugar Agreements: Promise and Reality
Brain Death: Ethical Considerations
A Round Indiana: Round Barns in the Hoosier State
Food for the Winter
Call Center Performance Enhancement Using Simulation and Modeling
Other Writing: Postcolonial Essays in Latin America's Writing Culture
Current Issues and Research in Veterinary Behavioral Medicine: Papers Presented at the Fifth Veterinary Behavior Meeting
Paradox of George Orwell
Defiant Populist: Jörg Haider and the Politics of Austria
Airplane Boys With the Revolutionists in Bolivia
Guantanamo Bay and the Judicial-Moral Treatment of the Other
Landmarks in Mechanical Engineering
Political Pulpit
Edmund Husserl's Phenomenology
Arduous Touch: Women's Voices in Health Care
History of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Master Richard's "Bestiary of Love" and "Response"
Conflicts and Conciliations : The Evolution of Galdos's "Fortunata y Jacinta"
World-Class Call Center Tours: The CILCO Call Center
Quantitative Studies in Agrarian History
Essays in Contemporary Fields of Economics: (In Honor of Emmanuel T. Weiler, 1914-1979)
Bestiality and Zoophilia: Sexual Relations with Animals
In the Nocturnal Animal House
Mystery Ship
Call Center Training Video, Tape 6: Negotiation and Mediation
Rescuing Rover: A First Aid and Disaster Guide for Dog Owners
Feminism and the Honor Plays of Lope de Vega
Brute Force: Animal Police and the Challenge of Cruelty
John Bale: Mythmaker for the English Reformation
Offshore Finance Centers and Tax Havens: The Rise of Global Capital
Advancing the Cause of Education: A History of the Indiana State Teachers Association, 1854-2004
Seeds of Hope: An Engineer's World War II Letters
From Boston to Berlin: A Journey through World War II in Images and Words