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Construction Site Planning and Logistical Operations: Site-Focused Management for Builders 2014
VMSAR 2015-2016: Veterinary Medical School Admission Requirements: 2015 Edition for 2016 Matriculation 2015
A History of Yugoslavia 2019
A Jesuit Garden in Beijing and Early Modern Chinese Culture 2011
A Life Constructed: Reflections on Breaking Barriers and Building Opportunities 2013
A Passion for Excellence: The History of Aviation Education at Purdue University 2020
A Pictorial History of the School of Engineering Education at Purdue University 2016
A Place Called Turkey Run: A Celebration of Indiana’s Second State Park in Photographs and Words 2016
A Reluctant Icon: Letters to Neil Armstrong 2020
A Round Indiana: Round Barns in the Hoosier State, Second Edition 2020
Academic E-Books: Publishers, Librarians, and Users 2016
Accentuate the Positive: Charleston Conference Proceedings, 2012 2013
Advances in Research Using the C-SPAN Archives 2017
Advancing U.S. Latino Entrepreneurship: A New National Economic Imperative 2020
Aesthetics of Equilibrium: The Vanguard Poetics of Vicente Huidobro and Mário de Andrade 2006
Afternoons with Puppy: Inspirations from a Therapist and His Animals 2008
Agriculture, Human Security, and Peace: A Crossroad in African Development 2008
American Agriculture; revised edition: A Brief History
American Politics and the Jewish Community 2013
Analyzing Design Review Conversations 2016
Anatomía del desencanto: Humor, ficción y melancolía en España, 1976–1998 2017
Animal Control Management: A New Look at a Public Responsibility 2010
Animal Cruelty and Freedom of Speech: When Worlds Collide 2014
Animal-Assisted Interventions in Health Care Settings: A Best Practices Manual for Establishing New Programs 2018
Animal-Assisted Psychotherapy: Theory, Issues, and Practice 2013
Animals in Schools: Processes and Strategies in Human-Animal Education 2010
Apple of Discord: The “Hungarian Factor” in Austro-Serbian Relations, 1867–1881 2014
Applied Ethics in Animal Research: Philosophy, Regulation, and Laboratory Applications
Arguments of Agriculture: A Casebook in Contemporary Agricultural Controversy
ARTELETRA: The Sixties in Latin America and the Politics of Going Unnoticed 2021
Artesana de sí misma: Gabriela Mistral, una intelectual en cuerpo y palabra 2018
Asian Diaspora and East–West Modernity 2012
Assessing Handlers for Competence in Animal-Assisted Interventions 2021
At Wit's End: Plain Talk on Alzheimer's for Families and Clinicians, Second Edition 2017
Authority and Dissent in Jewish Life 2020
Balkan Legacies: The Long Shadow of Conflict and Ideological Experiment in Southeastern Europe 2021
Becoming a Spacewalker: My Journey to the Stars 2014
Being Portuguese in Spanish: Reimagining Early Modern Iberian Literature, 1580-1640 2020
Beyond Alliances: The Jewish Role in Reshaping the Racial Landscape of Southern California 2012
Beyond Stereotypes: American Jews and Sports 2014
Bitter Prerequisites: A Faculty for Survival from Nazi Terror
Borders, Territories, and Ethics: Hebrew Literature in the Shadow of the Intifada 2018
Bridge Builder: An Insider’s Account of Over 60 Years in Post-War Reconstruction, International Diplomacy, and German – American Relations 2012
Bridges and More: Celebrating 125 Years of Purdue Civil Engineering 2012
British Imperial Air Power: The Royal Air Forces and the Defense of Australia and New Zealand Between the World Wars 2020
Buried Truths and the Hyatt Skywalks: The Legacy of America’s Epic Structural Failure 2021
Caballero noble desbaratado: Autobiografía e invención en el siglo XVI 2012
Calculated Risk: The Supersonic Life and Times of Gus Grissom 2016
Cannibalizing the Colony: Cinematic Adaptations of Colonial Literature in Mexico and Brazil
Cantidades hechizadas y silogísticas del sobresalto: La secreta ciencia de José Lezama Lima 2021