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Falcon and the Eagle: Montenegro and Austria-Hungary, 1908-1914
Fantasies of Gender and the Witch in Feminist Theory and Literature 2008
Father, Have I Kept my Promise: Madness as Seen from Within
Father, Have I Kept My Promise?: Madness as Seen From Within
Fear Itself: Enemies Real and Imagined in American Culture
Feeding the Media Beast: An Easy Recipe for Great Publicity
Feedlot Empire: Cattle IL & IA-75
Feminism and the Honor Plays of Lope de Vega
Fichte's Wissenschaftslehre of 1794: A Commentary on Part 1
Fictions du scandale: Corps féminin et réalisme romanesque au dix-neuvième siècle
Fishing with Blood
Five Stars for Managers: Strategy Concepts in Business
Flies in the Face of Fashion, Mites Make Right, and Other Bugdacious Tales
Food for the Winter
For Shade and For Comfort: Democratizing Horticulture in the Nineteenth-Century Midwest
Forget-Me-Not: A Memoir of Anne Bashkiroff's Alzheimer's Crusade
Four Boy Hunters
Frank N. Meyer: Plant Hunter Asia
Fresh Peaches, Fireworks, & Guns
From Pioneering to Persevering: Family Farming in Indiana to 1880
From the Margin: Writings in Italian Americana
Gatsby's Party: The System and the List in Contemporary Narrative
Gender, Discourse, and Desire in Twentieth-Century Brazilian Women's Literature
Gendered Lyric: Subjectivity and Difference in Nineteenth-Century French Poetry
Género, nación y literatura: Emilia Pardo Bazán en la literatura gallega y española 2012
Giving Much/Gaining More: Mentoring for Success
Golden Age Comedia: Text, Theory, and Performance
Golden Bridge: A Guide to Assistance Dogs for Children Challenged by Autism or Other Developmental Disabilities
Governance and Grievance: Habsburg Policy and Italian Tyrol in the Eighteenth Century
Grand Dragon: D. C. Stephenson and the Ku Klux Klan in Indiana
Great Chiasmus: Word and Flesh in the Novels of Unamuno
Guantanamo Bay and the Judicial-Moral Treatment of the Other
Guar: Agronomy, Production, Industrial Use, and Nutrition
Guiding Future Homeland Security Policy: Policy Directions for Scientific Inquiry
Guns and Garlic: Myths and Realities of Organized Crime
Guns and Snowshoes
Hand: A Survey of Facts, Legends, and Beliefs Pertaining to Manual Ceremonies, Covenants, and Symbols
Happy Marriage and Other Stories
Hard Water: Politics and Water Supply in Milwaukee, 1870-1995
Harvest Story: Recollections of Old-Time Threshermen
Healing the Heart, Healing the 'Hood
Heartbeat of the University: 125 Years of Purdue Bands 2011
Historical Perspectives in Plant Science 1994
History and Poetics of Intertexuality 2009
History of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Homes of Oberammergau: A Series of Twenty Etchings, Together with Notes from a Diary by Eliza Greatorex
Hospitable Performances: Dramatic Genre and Cultural Practices in Early Modern England
How I Became A Scientist: Activity Book for 3rd Graders 2010
How to Kick Your Customer Service Up a Notch: 101 Insider Tips 2007
Human Rights Ethics: A Rational Approach 2008