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Perspectives on Philosophy of Communication
Perspectives on Science and Culture 2018
Pet Politics: The Political and Legal Lives of Cats, Dogs, and Horses in Canada and the United States 2016
Phenomenology and Literature: An Introduction 1977
Photographing Turkey Run: A Guide to Nature Photography 2016
A Pictorial History of Chemical Engineering at Purdue University, 1911–2011 2011
Piercing the Horizon: The Story of Visionary NASA Chief Tom Paine 2018
Pietas Austriaca
Plain Ol' Charlie Deam: Pioneer Hoosier Botanist
Plan to Win: A Definitive Guide to Business Processes
Plato's Phaedrus: The Philosophy of Love
Playing with My Dog Katie: An Ethno-Methodological Study of Canine/Human Interaction
Pleasure of Influence: Conversations with Eleven Contemporary American Male Fiction Writers
Pleasure of Writing: Critical Essays on Dacia Maraini
Plotting the Past: Metamorphoses of Historical Narrative in Modern Italian Fiction
Poets, Painters, Paupers, Fools: Indiana's Stein Family
Political Pulpit
Political Pulpit Revisited
Politics and the Intellectual: Conversations with Irving Howe 2010
Politics of Ethnic Survival: Germans in Prague, 1861-1914
Pomp and Politics of Patriotism: Imperial Celebrations in Habsburg Austria, 1848-1916
Pork Industry Handbook 2010
Possum in the Pawpaw Tree: A Seasonal Guide to Midwestern Gardening 1994
Postmodern Texts and Emotional Audiences 2007
Potcakes: Dog Ownership in New Providence, The Bahamas
Prefaces to Diaphora: Rhetorics, Allegory, and the Interpretation of Postmodernity
Principles of Aseptic Processing and Packaging 2010
Productivity and Reliability-Based Maintenance Management 2010
Professional Staffs of Congress 1962
Program Management: A Comprehensive Overview of the Discipline
Program Planning: A Real Life, Quantitative Approach
Program Planning Student Guide: First Edition
Project and Program Management: A Competency-Based Approach, Second Edition 2013
Project and Program Management: A Competency-Based Approach, Third Edition 2016
Project and Program Management: A Competency–Based Approach 2010
Prostituidas por el texto: Discurso prostibulario en la picaresca femenina 2009
Psyche of Feminism: Sand, Colette, Sarraute
A Purdue Icon: Creation, Life, and Legacy 2017
Quantitative Studies in Agrarian History
The Queen of American Agriculture: A Biography of Virginia Claypool Meredith 2008
The Queen of American Agriculture: A Biography of Virginia Claypool Meredith (Special Edition) 2008
Quixotic Vision of Sinclair Lewis
Radical Reflection and the Origin of the Human Sciences
Radical Theatricality: Jongleuresque Performance on the Early Spanish Stage
RAF Wings over Florida: Memories of World War II British Air Cadets
Re-Visioning Terrorism: A Humanistic Perspective 2016
Reach of Poetry
Reading Boileau: An Integrative Study of the Early "Satires"
Reading Nietzsche at the Margins 2007
Reading Plotinus: A Practical Introduction to Neoplatonism