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On Dogs and Dying: Inspirational Stories from Hospice Hounds 2010
On Emerging from Hyper-Nation: Saramago’s “Historical” Trilogy 2015
On the Cultures of Exile,Translation and Writing 2008
On the Road with Suzy: From Cat to Companion 2010
One Hundred and One Botanists
One Small Step: The History of Aerospace Engineering at Purdue University 2010
Opening of Hegel's Logic: From Being to Infinity
Operational Research in Industry
Organized Technology: Networks and Innovation in Technical Systems
Orientalismo en el Modernismo Hispanoamericano
Other Writing: Postcolonial Essays in Latin America's Writing Culture
Out of the Blue: U.S. Army Airborne Operations in World War II
Out with Gun and Camera
Outsourcing: AFFINA
Outstanding in His Field: Perspectives on American Agriculture in Honor of Wayne D. Rasmussen
Over-Fulfilled Expectations: A Life and an Era in Rural America
Pamphlets and Public Opinion: The Campaign for a Union of Orders in the Early French Revolution
The Paradox of George Orwell
Partner Risk: Managing the Downside of Strategic Alliances
Passion for Ideas: How Innovators Create the New and Shape Our World
The Peace of Passarowitz, 1718 2011
People Advantage: Improving Results through Better Selection and Performance
People, Property, or Pets?
A Perfect Harmony: The Intertwining Lives of Animals and Humans throughout History 2002
Perspectives in Bioethics, Science, and Public Policy 2013
Perspectives on Philosophy of Communication
Perspectives on Science and Culture 2018
Pet Politics: The Political and Legal Lives of Cats, Dogs, and Horses in Canada and the United States 2016
Phenomenology and Literature: An Introduction 1977
Photographing Turkey Run: A Guide to Nature Photography 2016
A Pictorial History of Chemical Engineering at Purdue University, 1911–2011 2011
Piercing the Horizon: The Story of Visionary NASA Chief Tom Paine 2018
Pietas Austriaca
Plain Ol' Charlie Deam: Pioneer Hoosier Botanist
Plan to Win: A Definitive Guide to Business Processes
Plato's Phaedrus: The Philosophy of Love
Playing with My Dog Katie: An Ethno-Methodological Study of Canine/Human Interaction
Pleasure of Influence: Conversations with Eleven Contemporary American Male Fiction Writers
Pleasure of Writing: Critical Essays on Dacia Maraini
Plotting the Past: Metamorphoses of Historical Narrative in Modern Italian Fiction
Poets, Painters, Paupers, Fools: Indiana's Stein Family
Political Pulpit
Political Pulpit Revisited
Politics and the Intellectual: Conversations with Irving Howe 2010
Politics of Ethnic Survival: Germans in Prague, 1861-1914
Pomp and Politics of Patriotism: Imperial Celebrations in Habsburg Austria, 1848-1916
Pork Industry Handbook 2010
Possum in the Pawpaw Tree: A Seasonal Guide to Midwestern Gardening 1994
Postmodern Texts and Emotional Audiences 2007
Potcakes: Dog Ownership in New Providence, The Bahamas