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Through Bosnian Eyes: The Political Memoirs of a Bosnian Serb
Reconstructing Illness: Studies in Pathography
Cruzados, mártires y beatos: Emplazamientos del cuerpo colonial
Airplane Boys in the Black Woods
Gender, Discourse, and Desire in Twentieth-Century Brazilian Women's Literature
Community Disability Services: An Evidence-Based Approach to Practice
Route Across the Rocky Mountains
American Agriculture; revised edition: A Brief History
Vienna Coffeehouse Wits, 1890-1938
Governance and Grievance: Habsburg Policy and Italian Tyrol in the Eighteenth Century
Competitive Strategies for Service Organizations
Earthly Treasures: Material Culture and Metaphysics in the Heptameron and Evangelical Narrative
Art of Subversion in Inquisitorial Spain: Rojas and Delicado
Partner Risk: Managing the Downside of Strategic Alliances
Wittgenstein's Thought in Transition
Healing the Heart, Healing the 'Hood
Conversations on Community Theory
Language, Text, Subject: A Critique of Hispanism
Enlightening Up Postmodernism: Six Pastirodies
Black-White Contact in School: Its Social and Academic Effects
Political Pulpit Revisited
World-Class Call Center Tours: The RCI Call Center
In a Dark Time: The Apocalyptic Temper in the American Novel of the Nuclear Age
A Story for All Americans: Vietnam, Victims, and Veterans
Father, Have I Kept My Promise?: Madness as Seen From Within
Bypass: A Memoir
Agent Coaching and Monitoring: AFFINA
Toward a Well-Fed World
Forget-Me-Not: A Memoir of Anne Bashkiroff's Alzheimer's Crusade
Children and Animals: Exploring the Roots of Kindness and Cruelty
Retired Dreams: Dom Casmurro, Myth and Modernity
Customer Interaction Management: Oracle
Orientalismo en el Modernismo Hispanoamericano
Guns and Garlic: Myths and Realities of Organized Crime
Computer-Based Training: Ulysses
Kinship and Polity in the Poema de Mio Cid
Egon Erwin Kisch, the Raging Reporter: A Bio-Anthology
Automated Agent Monitoring: Teknekron
Plain Ol' Charlie Deam: Pioneer Hoosier Botanist
World-Class Call Center Tours: The CILCO Call Center
Hoosier Home Remedies
Call Center Training Video, Tape 1: Introduction to Total Quality
Breaking Open
Prefaces to Diaphora: Rhetorics, Allegory, and the Interpretation of Postmodernity
Indiana Canals
Modern Lives: A Cultural Re-Reading of "The Lost Generation"
Fictions du scandale: Corps féminin et réalisme romanesque au dix-neuvième siècle
Cannibalizing the Colony: Cinematic Adaptations of Colonial Literature in Mexico and Brazil
Just Love Me: My Life Turned Upside-down by Alzheimer's
Airplane Boys Discover the Secrets of Cuzco