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Shepherdess: Notes from the Field
World-Class Call Center Tours: The RCI Call Center
Bitter Prerequisites: A Faculty for Survival from Nazi Terror
Pleasure of Influence: Conversations with Eleven Contemporary American Male Fiction Writers
Current Issues and Research in Veterinary Behavioral Medicine: Papers Presented at the Fifth Veterinary Behavior Meeting
Machado de Assis, the Brazilian Pyrrhonian
Golden Age Comedia: Text, Theory, and Performance
Business-Driven Research and Development: Managing Knowledge to Create Wealth
Program Planning Student Guide: First Edition
Muted Consent: A Casebook in Modern Medical Ethics
Happy Marriage and Other Stories
Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Animal Abuse: Linking the Circles of Compassion for Prevention and Intervention
Regional Development and Conditions for Innovation in the Network Society
Engineering in a Land Grant Context: The Past, Present, and Future of an Idea
Ambivalence of Identity: The Austrian Experience of Nation-Building in a Modern Society
No Moon
Illness in the Academy: A Collection of Pathographies by Academics
Rural Reminiscences: The Agony of Survival
The Art of Global Thinking: Integrating Organizational Philosophies of East and West
Outsourcing: AFFINA
International Sugar Agreements: Promise and Reality
Contesting the Subject: Essays in the Postmodern Theory and Practice of Biography and Biographical Criticism
World-Class Call Center Tours: The CILCO Call Center
La espada, el rayo y la pluma: Quevedo y los campos literario y de poder
Food for the Winter
Call Center Training Video, Tape 1: Introduction to Total Quality
The Leader's Imperative: Ethics, Integrity, and Responsibility
From Boston to Berlin: A Journey through World War II in Images and Words
Boilermaker Basketball: Great Purdue Teams and Players
Politics of Ethnic Survival: Germans in Prague, 1861-1914
Defiant Populist: Jörg Haider and the Politics of Austria
Red Lights: Selected Tanka Sequences from Shakko
Mel Gibson's Passion: The Film, the Controversy, and Its Implications
Guantanamo Bay and the Judicial-Moral Treatment of the Other
Radical Reflection and the Origin of the Human Sciences
Tournier Élémentaire
Edmund Husserl's Phenomenology
Airplane Boys at Platinum River
Nation and National Identity: The European Experience in Perspective
History of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Rhetorical Conquests: Cortés, Gómara, and Renaissance Imperialism
Essays in Contemporary Fields of Economics: (In Honor of Emmanuel T. Weiler, 1914-1979)
In the Nocturnal Animal House
The Complete Plant Selection Guide for Landscape Design
Semiosis in the Postmodern Age
Without Covers: literary_magazines@the_digital_edge
Feminism and the Honor Plays of Lope de Vega
Authentic Knowing: The Convergence of Science and Spiritual Aspiration
People Advantage: Improving Results through Better Selection and Performance