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Transcultural Writers and Novels in the Age of Global Mobility 2015
Transforming Institutions: Undergraduate STEM Education for the 21st Century 2016
Transnational Discourses on Class, Gender, and Cultural Identity 2012
Twenty Years with the Jewish Labor Bund: A Memoir of Interwar Poland 2016
Understanding the Global Energy Crisis 2014
Urban Cultures in (Post)Colonial Central Europe 2010
VMSAR 2013-2014: Veterinary Medical School Admission Requirements: 2013 Edition for 2014 Matriculation 2013
VMSAR 2014-2015: Veterinary Medical School Admission Requirements: 2014 Edition for 2015 Matriculation 2014
VMSAR 2016-2017: Veterinary Medical School Admission Requirements : 2016 Edition for 2017 Matriculation 2016
VMSAR 2017-2018: Veterinary Medical School Admission Requirements: 2017 Edition for 2018 Matriculation 2017
VMSAR 2018-2019: Veterinary Medical School Admission Requirements : 2018 Edition for 2019 Matriculation 2018
Voices of Resistance: Communication and Social Change 2012
Wealth and Poverty in Jewish Tradition 2016
Where Do We Go From Here? : Charleston Conference Proceedings, 2015 2017
Who Is a Jew?: Reflections on History, Religion, and Culture 2014
Wings of Their Dreams: Purdue in Flight 2003
Women’s Tanci Fiction in Late Imperial and Early Twentieth-Century China 2015
Your Ideal Cat: Insights into Breed and Gender Differences in Cat Behavior 2013
Yugoslavia: A State that Withered Away 2009
Zionist Architecture and Town Planning: The Building of Tel Aviv (1919 - 1929) 2013
“Cap” Cornish, Indiana Pilot: Navigating the Century of Flight 2014
(A)Wry Views: Anamorphosis, Cervantes, and the Early Picaresque 2001
100 Years of Change in the Distribution of Common Indiana Weeds
A Better Way to Build: A History of the Pankow Companies 2013
A Biographical Dictionary of People in Engineering: From Earliest Records to 2000 2008
A Call to Leadership: The First Fifty Years of the Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents 2010
A Concise Guide to Program Management: Fundamental Concepts and Issues
A Cultural History of Jews in California: The Jewish Role in American Life: An Annual Review 2009
A Fish in the Moonlight: Growing Up in the Bone Marrow Unit 2008
A Knight at the Opera: Heine, Wagner, Herzl, Peretz and the Legacy of Der Tannhäuser 2011
A Perfect Harmony: The Intertwining Lives of Animals and Humans throughout History 2002
A Pictorial History of Chemical Engineering at Purdue University, 1911–2011 2011
A Purdue Icon: Creation, Life, and Legacy 2017
A Round Indiana: Round Barns in the Hoosier State
A Story for All Americans: Vietnam, Victims, and Veterans
A University of Tradition: The Spirit of Purdue 2002
A University of Tradition: The Spirit of Purdue, Second Edition 2012
Acquisition Strategy and Implementation
Across the Face of France
Advancing the Cause of Education: A History of the Indiana State Teachers Association, 1854-2004
After Machiavelli: "Re-writing" and the "Hermeneutic Attitude"
After the Flashlight Man: A Memoir
Agent Coaching and Monitoring: AFFINA
Agricultural Transition in New York State: Markets and Migration in Mid-Nineteenth-Century America
Agriculture and National Development: Views on the Nineteenth Century
Airplane Boys at Belize
Airplane Boys at Cap Rock
Airplane Boys at Platinum River
Airplane Boys Discover the Secrets of Cuzco
Airplane Boys Flying to Amy-Ran Fastness