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Title Author / Editor © Year
Library Publishing Directory 2014 2014
Library Publishing Directory, 2016 2015
Library Technical Services: Adapting to a Changing Environment 2020
Life-Giving Gift of Acknowledgment: A Philosophical and Rhetorical Inquiry
Lincoln's Censor: Milo Hascall and Freedom of the Press in Civil War Indiana 2008
Lines of Life: Theories of Biography, 1880-1970
Literacies of Design: Studies of Equity and Imagination in Engineering and Making 2022
Literary Skinheads?: Writing from the Right in Reunified Germany
Little Else Than a Memory: Purdue Students Search for the Class of 1904 2014
Long Hard Road: The Lithium-Ion Battery and the Electric Car 2022
Lurtiss Field Mystery
Machado de Assis, the Brazilian Pyrrhonian
Magnificent Trees of Indiana 2022
Making Institutional Repositories Work 2016
Making Peace in an Age of War: Emperor Ferdinand III (1608–1657) 2020
Management Consultancy in the 21st Century
Managing Risk and Complexity through Open Communication and Teamwork 2015
Manufacturing Facilities Design and Material Handling 2013
Manufacturing Facilities Design and Material Handling: Sixth Edition 2019
The Mark of the Beast: Animality and Human Oppression
Mark Twain Speaks for Himself
Marvelous Bodies: Italy’s New Migrant Cinema 2017
Master Richard's "Bestiary of Love" and "Response"
Maven in Blue Jeans: A Festschrift in Honor of Zev Garber 2009
Meaning and Appreciation: Time and Modern Political Life
Mel Gibson's Passion: The Film, the Controversy, and Its Implications
Memories of Life on the Farm: Through the Lens of Pioneer Photographer J. C. Allen 2019
Memory and Myth
The Memory Factory: The Forgotten Women Artists of Vienna 1900 2012
Methods in Fruit Breeding
Methods in Fruit Breeding 1983
Methods of IT Project Management (Fourth Edition) 2022
Methods of IT Project Management (Second Edition) 2013
Methods of IT Project Management (Third Edition) 2018
The Midas of the Wabash: A Biography of John Purdue
The Midwest Farmer's Daughter: In Search of an American Icon 2012
Miradas transatlánticas: El periodismo literario de Elena Poniatowska y Rosa Montero 2013
Mirror on the Stage: The Pulitzer Plays as an Approach to American Drama
Mishpachah: The Jewish Family in Tradition and in Transition 2017
Mo Yan in Context: Nobel Laureate and Global Storyteller 2014
The Modern Land-Grant University 2014
Modern Lives: A Cultural Re-Reading of "The Lost Generation"
Moose! The Reading Dog 2018
Moral Picturesque: Studies in Hawthorne's Fiction
Mortar Board: A Century of Scholars, Chosen for Leadership, United to Serve 2018
Multiculturalism in Israel: Literary Perspectives 2015
Murder, HE Wrote
Murderer's Day
Muted Consent: A Casebook in Modern Medical Ethics
My Amiable Uncle: Recollections about Booth Tarkington