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Interactional Research Into Problem-Based Learning ePDF 9781612495873 Available
The Making of a Caribbean Avant-Garde: Postmodernism as Post-nationalism ePDF 9781557539359 Available
Escaping Extermination: Hungarian Prodigy to American Musician, Feminist, and Activist ePDF 9781557539861 Available
A Round Indiana: Round Barns in the Hoosier State, Second Edition ePDF 9781612496474 Available
The Complete Guide for People With Parkinson’s Disease and Their Loved Ones ePDF 9781557536860 Available
Everything You Need to Know About Caregiving for Parkinson’s Disease ePDF 9781557539977 Available
Authority and Dissent in Jewish Life ePDF 9781612496290 Available
On Many Routes: Internal, European, and Transatlantic Migration in the Late Habsburg Empire ePDF 9781557539830 Available
Neorrealismo y cine en Cuba: Historia y discurso entorno a la primera polémica de la Revolución, 1951–1962 ePDF 9781557539892 Available
The Evolution of Political Rhetoric: The Year in C-SPAN Archives Research, Volume 6 ePDF 9781612496238 Available
Wandering Jews: Global Jewish Migration ePDF 9781612496207 Available
In Their Own Words: Forgotten Women Pilots of Early Aviation ePDF 9781557539809 Available
Reginald Sutcliffe and the Invention of Modern Weather Systems Science ePDF 9781612496382 Available
The Canine-Campus Connection: Roles for Dogs in the Lives of College Students ePDF 9781612496504 Available
Refuge Must Be Given: Eleanor Roosevelt, the Jewish Plight, and the Founding of Israel ePDF 9781612496351 Available
ARTELETRA: The Sixties in Latin America and the Politics of Going Unnoticed ePDF 9781612496559 Available
Design and Culture: A Transdisciplinary History ePDF 9781612496269 Available
Writing Gender in Early Modern Chinese Women's Tanci Fiction ePDF 9781612496610 Available
Cantidades hechizadas y silogísticas del sobresalto: La secreta ciencia de José Lezama Lima ePDF 9781612496863 Available
Balkan Legacies: The Long Shadow of Conflict and Ideological Experiment in Southeastern Europe ePDF 9781612496702 Available
Buried Truths and the Hyatt Skywalks: The Legacy of America’s Epic Structural Failure ePDF 9781612497181 Available
Assessing Handlers for Competence in Animal-Assisted Interventions ePDF 9781612496788 Available
Jews and Gender ePDF 9781612497143 Available
My Seven Lives: Jana Juráňová in Conversation with Agneša Kalinová ePDF 9781612497228 Available
Unlikely Allies: Nazi German and Ukrainian Nationalist Collaboration in the General Government During World War II ePDF 9781612496825 Available
Paroimia: Brusantino, Florio, Sarnelli, and Italian Proverbs From the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries ePDF 9781612496740 Available
Dogs and Cats in South Korea: Itinerant Commodities ePDF 9781612497075 Available
The Impact of the Presidency of Donald Trump on American Jewry and Israel ePDF 9781612497112 Available
Democracy and the Media: The Year in C-SPAN Archives Research, Volume 7 ePDF 9781612497266 Available
Identity, Gender, and Tracking: The Reality of Boundaries for Veterinary Students ePDF 9781612496900 Available
Finding Order in Diversity: Religious Toleration in the Habsburg Empire, 1792–1848 ePDF 9781612496986 Available
Magnificent Trees of Indiana ePDF 9781612497433 Available
The Sky Above: An Astronaut’s Memoir of Adventure, Persistence, and Faith ePDF 9781612497297 Available
Spearheading Environmental Change: The Legacy of Indiana Congressman Floyd J. Fithian ePDF 9781612497402 Available
Diary of an Alzheimer’s Caregiver ePDF 9781612497365 Available
Literacies of Design: Studies of Equity and Imagination in Engineering and Making ePDF 9781612497471 Available
Foundations of Agricultural Education, Fourth Edition ePDF 9781612497549 Available
Productivity and Reliability-Based Maintenance Management, Second Edition ePDF 9781612497518 Available
Pledge and Promise: Celebrating the Bond and Heritage of Fraternity, Sorority, and Cooperative Life at Purdue University ePDF 9781612497686 Currently Unavailable
Practical Digital Design: An Introduction to VHDL ePDF 9781612497679 Available
Everyday Consumption in Twenty-First-Century Brazilian Fiction ePDF 9781612497617 Available
WBAA: 100 Years as the Voice of Purdue ePDF 9781612497709 Currently Unavailable
Terrortimes, Terrorscapes: Continuities of Space, Time, and Memory in Twentieth-Century War and Genocide ePDF 9781612497334 Available
Long Hard Road: The Lithium-Ion Battery and the Electric Car ePDF 9781612497648 Available
Methods of IT Project Management (Fourth Edition) ePDF 9781612497921 Currently Unavailable
Dismantling Institutional Whiteness: Emerging Forms of Leadership in Higher Education ePDF 9781612497747 Currently Unavailable
Essays to My Daughter on Our Relationship With the Natural World ePDF 9781612497853 Currently Unavailable
Transleithanian Paradise: A History of the Budapest Jewish Community, 1738–1938 ePDF 9781612497822 Currently Unavailable
The Nazis, the Vatican, and the Jews of Rome ePDF 9781612497891 Currently Unavailable
Las ciudades del deseo: Las políticas de género, sexualidad y espacio urbano en el Caribe hispano ePDF 9781612498195 Currently Unavailable