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Mel Gibson's Passion: The Film, the Controversy, and Its Implications ePDF 9781612490106 Unavailable
Afternoons with Puppy: Inspirations from a Therapist and His Animals Hardback 9781557534705 Unavailable
The Amish Schools of Indiana: Faith in Education Paperback 9781557535429 Unavailable
Assembly Hardback 9780911198300 Unavailable
Bitter Prerequisites: A Faculty for Survival from Nazi Terror Hardback 9781557532145 Unavailable
Bridging the Bond: The Cultural Construction of the Shelter Pet Hardback 9781557532602 Unavailable
Brute Force: Animal Police and the Challenge of Cruelty Hardback 9781557533500 Unavailable
Unthinking Thinking: Jorge Luis Borges, Mathematics and the New Physics Hardback w/ Dust Jacket 9781557530110 Unavailable
The Centaur Types Hardback 9781557530523 Unavailable
The Centaur Types Paperback 9781557530769 Unavailable
Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Animal Abuse: Linking the Circles of Compassion for Prevention and Intervention Hardback 9781557531421 Unavailable
Children and Animals: Exploring the Roots of Kindness and Cruelty Hardback 9781557533777 Unavailable
City and the Crown: Vienna and the Imperial Court, 1600-1740 Hardback 9781557530219 Unavailable
Community Disability Services: An Evidence-Based Approach to Practice Paperback 9781557534149 Unavailable
The Complete Plant Selection Guide for Landscape Design Hardback 9781557531391 Unavailable
Confessions of a Rational Mystic Hardback 9781557530356 Unavailable
Cruelty to Animals and Interpersonal Violence: Readings in Research and Application Hardback 9781557531056 Unavailable
David Hume: An Introduction to His Philosophical System Hardback 9781557530127 Unavailable
Pork Industry Handbook Hardback 9780982827222 Unavailable
Duns Scotus, Metaphysician Hardback 9781557530714 Unavailable
Education and Middle-Class Society in Imperial Austria, 1848-1918 Hardback 9781557530875 Unavailable
Feeding the Media Beast: An Easy Recipe for Great Publicity Hardback 9781557532473 Unavailable
The Felt Meanings of the World: A Metaphysics of Feeling Hardback 9780911198768 Unavailable
Fichte's Wissenschaftslehre of 1794: A Commentary on Part 1 Hardback 9781557530165 Unavailable
Grand Dragon: D. C. Stephenson and the Ku Klux Klan in Indiana Hardback 9781557530103 Unavailable
Habsburg Empire and the Sea: Austrian Naval Policy, 1797-1866 Hardback 9780911198973 Unavailable
Healing the Heart, Healing the 'Hood Hardback 9781557533791 Unavailable
Innovations in Inclusion: The Purdue Faculty and Staff Diversity Story, 1997-2008 Paperback 9781557535283 Unavailable
The International Handbook of Animal Abuse and Cruelty: Theory, Research, and Application Hardback 9781557534637 Unavailable
Methods in Fruit Breeding Hardback 9780911198638 Unavailable
John Bale: Mythmaker for the English Reformation Hardback 9780911198423 Unavailable
Unity and Variety in the Philosophy of Samuel Alexander Hardback 9780911198706 Unavailable
Phenomenology and Literature: An Introduction Hardback 9780911198461 Unavailable
Knights of the Quill: Confederate Correspondents and their Civil War Reporting Hardback 9781557535665 Unavailable
Landmarks in Mechanical Engineering Hardback 9781557530936 Unavailable
Landmarks in Mechanical Engineering Paperback 9781557530943 Unavailable
Native Trees of the Midwest: Identification, Wildlife Values, and Landscaping Use Hardback 9781557532992 Unavailable
Native Trees of the Midwest: Identification, Wildlife Values, and Landscaping Use Paperback 9781557534446 Unavailable
Reconstructing Illness: Studies in Pathography Hardback 9781557530301 Unavailable
A Round Indiana: Round Barns in the Hoosier State Hardback 9781557530226 Unavailable
To the Other: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas Hardback 9781557530233 Unavailable
Reinterpreting Modern Culture: An Introduction to Friedrich Nietzsche's Philosophy ePDF 9781612491295 Unavailable
Ultimately Fiction: Design in Modern American Literary Biography Hardback 9780911198621 Unavailable
Union, the Confederacy, and the Atlantic Rim Hardback 9781557530608 Unavailable
Union, the Confederacy, and the Atlantic Rim Paperback 9781557530615 Unavailable
A University of Tradition: The Spirit of Purdue Paperback 9781557531919 Unavailable
A University of Tradition: The Spirit of Purdue Hardback 9781557533289 Unavailable
Vienna Coffeehouse Wits, 1890-1938 Hardback 9781557530332 Unavailable
Wings of Their Dreams: Purdue in Flight Hardback 9781557533623 Unavailable
T.S. Eliot: The Critic as Philosopher Hardback 9780911198546 Unavailable