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Radical Theatricality: Jongleuresque Performance on the Early Spanish Stage Paperback 9781557534415 Available
Illness in the Academy: A Collection of Pathographies by Academics Paperback 9781557534422 Available
The Germans and the East Paperback 9781557534439 Available
Native Trees of the Midwest: Identification, Wildlife Values, and Landscaping Use Paperback 9781557534446 Unavailable
Sisters in Science: Conversations with Black Women Scientists on Race, Gender, and Their Passion for Science Paperback 9781557534453 Available
The Jewish Role in American Life 5: An Annual Review Paperback 9781557534460 Available
Enzymology and Molecular Biology of Carbonyl Metabolism (No. 13] Paperback 9781557534477 Available
Connecting People, Ideas, and Resources Across Communities: International Series on Technology Policy and Innovation Hardback 9781557534484 Available
Earthly Treasures: Material Culture and Metaphysics in the Heptameron and Evangelical Narrative Paperback 9781557534491 Available
Brute Force: Animal Police and the Challenge of Cruelty Paperback 9781557534507 Available
Reading Nietzsche at the Margins Paperback 9781557534514 Available
From Pioneering to Persevering: Family Farming in Indiana to 1880 Paperback 9781557534538 Available
Why Work?: The Perceptions of a "Real Job" and the Rhetoric of Work through the Ages Paperback 9781557534545 Available
Balkan Strongmen: Dictators and Authoritarian Rulers of Southeast Europe Hardback 9781557534552 Available
Balkan Strongmen: Dictators and Authoritarian Rulers of Southeast Europe Paperback 9781557534569 Available
Uncle: My Journey with John Purdue Hardback 9781557534576 Available
Uncle: My Journey with John Purdue Paperback 9781557534583 Available
A Biographical Dictionary of People in Engineering: From Earliest Records to 2000 Hardback 9781557534590 Available
State Collapse in South-Eastern Europe Paperback 9781557534606 Available
The Impact of Tablet PCs and Pen-based Technology 2007: Beyond the Tipping Point Paperback 9781557534613 Available
The International Handbook of Animal Abuse and Cruelty: Theory, Research, and Application Hardback 9781557534637 Unavailable
Empire and Identity: Biographies of the Austrian State Problem in the Late Habsburg Empire Paperback 9781557534644 Available
Balkan Anschluss: The Annexation of Montenegro and the Creation of the Common South Slavic State Paperback 9781557534651 Available
Afternoons with Puppy: Inspirations from a Therapist and His Animals Hardback 9781557534705 Unavailable
Westward We Came: A Norwegian Immigrant's Story, 1866 - 1898 Paperback 9781557534712 Available
Lincoln's Censor: Milo Hascall and Freedom of the Press in Civil War Indiana Paperback 9781557534736 Available
The Mark of the Beast: Animality and Human Oppression Paperback 9781557534743 Available
Clearings in the Forest: On the Study of Leadership Paperback 9781557534750 Available
Serbia's Great War, 1914-1918 Hardback 9781557534767 Available
Serbia's Great War, 1914-1918 Paperback 9781557534774 Available
Amid the Alien Corn Paperback 9781557534781 Available
Postmodern Texts and Emotional Audiences Paperback 9781557534798 Available
Human Rights Ethics: A Rational Approach Paperback 9781557534804 Available
The New York Public Intellectuals and Beyond: Exploring Liberal Humanism, Jewish Identity, and the American Protest Tradition Paperback 9781557534811 Available
Agriculture, Human Security, and Peace: A Crossroad in African Development Paperback 9781557534828 Available
The Return of the Moor: Spanish Responses to Contemporary Moroccan Immigration Paperback 9781557534835 Available
Utopian Dreams, Apocalyptic Nightmares: Globilization in Recent Mexican and Chicano Narrative Paperback 9781557534842 Available
Writing Identity: The Politics of Contemporary Afro-Brazilian Literature Paperback 9781557534859 Available
A Fish in the Moonlight: Growing Up in the Bone Marrow Unit Hardback 9781557534866 Available
Fictions of Totality: The Mexican Novel, 1968, and the National-Popular State Paperback 9781557534873 Available
The Finer Thread, The Tighter Weave: Essays on the Short Fiction of Henry James Paperback 9781557534880 Currently Unavailable
Wings of Their Dreams: Purdue in Flight Paperback 9781557534897 Available
Words at War: The Civil War and American Journalism Hardback 9781557534903 Available
Fantasies of Gender and the Witch in Feminist Theory and Literature Paperback 9781557534910 Available
New York's Poop Scoop Law: Dogs, the Dirt, and Due Process Hardback 9781557534927 Available
Uncle Henry Wallace: Letters to Farm Families Paperback 9781557534934 Available
Words at War: The Civil War and American Journalism Paperback 9781557534941 Available
Yugoslavia: A State that Withered Away Paperback 9781557534958 Available
Principles of Aseptic Processing and Packaging Paperback 9781557534965 Available
Commemorating Epimetheus Paperback 9781557534972 Available