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Animal-Assisted Interventions in Health Care Settings: A Best Practices Manual for Establishing New Programs ePub 9781612495385 Available
Artesana de sí misma: Gabriela Mistral, una intelectual en cuerpo y palabra ePub 9781612495286 Available
Changing Seasons: A Language Arts Curriculum for Healthy Aging ePub 9781612495309 Available
Of Levinas and Shakespeare: "To See Another Thus" ePub 9781612495422 Awaiting Publication
Intellectual Philanthropy: The Seduction of the Masses ePub 9781612495460 Available
VMSAR 2018-2019: Veterinary Medical School Admission Requirements : 2018 Edition for 2019 Matriculation ePub 9781612495323 Awaiting Publication
Ever True: 150 Years of Giant Leaps at Purdue University ePub 9781612495446 Currently Unavailable
The Year in C-SPAN Archives Research: Volume 4 ePub 9781612495347 Awaiting Publication
Borders, Territories, and Ethics: Hebrew Literature in the Shadow of the Intifada ePub 9781612495361 Awaiting Publication
Teaching Information Literacy and Writing Studies: Volume 1, First-Year Composition Courses ePub 9781612495477 Available
Teaching ​ Information Literacy and Writing Studies: Volume 2, Upper-Level and Graduate Courses ePub 9781612495569 Awaiting Publication
Golden Bridge: A Guide to Assistance Dogs for Children Challenged by Autism or Other Developmental Disabilities ePub 9781612495675 Available
Is Judaism Democratic?: Reflections from Theory and Practice Throughout the Ages ePub 9781612495545 Available
What's Past is Prologue: Charleston Conference Proceedings, 2017 ePub 9781941269350 Available
Hombres en movimiento: Masculinidades españolas en los exilios y emigraciones, 1939–1999 ePub 9781612495583 Available
Universities in Imperial Austria 1848–1918: A Social History of a Multilingual Space ePub 9781612495620 Available
That Sheep May Safely Graze: Rebuilding Animal Health Care in War-Torn Afghanistan ePub 9781612495767 Currently Unavailable
Doing Business in America: A Jewish History ePub 9781612495606 Available
A History of Yugoslavia ePub 9781612495644 Currently Unavailable
A Reason to Live: HIV and Animal Companions ePub 9781612495828 Currently Unavailable
The Notorious Ben Hecht: Iconoclastic Writer and Militant Zionist ePub 9781612495958 Currently Unavailable
Teaching in the Now: John Dewey on the Educational Present ePub 9781612495903 Currently Unavailable
Propuestas para (re)construir una nación : El teatro de Emilia Pardo Bazán ePub 9781612495897 Currently Unavailable
Transforming Trauma: Resilience and Healing Through Our Connections With Animals ePub 9781612495200 Currently Unavailable
Transforming Trauma: Resilience and Healing Through Our Connections With Animals ePub 9781557538505 Currently Unavailable
Making Peace in an Age of War: Emperor Ferdinand III (1608–1657) ePub 9781612495927 Currently Unavailable
Manufacturing Facilities Design & Material Handling: Sixth Edition ePub 9781612495729 Currently Unavailable
Technical Services: Adapting to the Changing Environment ePub 9781612495859 Currently Unavailable
Project and Program Management: A Competency-Based Approach, Fourth Edition ePub 9781612495712 Available
VMSAR 2019-2020: Veterinary Medical School Admission Requirements : 2019 Edition for 2020 Matriculation ePub 9781612495743 Currently Unavailable
Finding Edith: Surviving the Holocaust in Plain Sight ePub 9781612495972 Currently Unavailable
Le personnel est politique: Médias, esthétique, et politique de l’autofiction chez Christine Angot, Chloé Delaume, et Nelly Arcan ePub 9781612495682 Currently Unavailable
Become the CEO of You, Inc.: A Pioneering Executive Shares Her Secrets for Career Success Hardback 9781557535306 Available
(A)Wry Views: Anamorphosis, Cervantes, and the Early Picaresque Hardback 9781557532275 Available
100 Years of Change in the Distribution of Common Indiana Weeds Hardback 9781557534194 Available
Acquisition Strategy and Implementation Hardback 9781557531797 Available
Advancing the Cause of Education: A History of the Indiana State Teachers Association, 1854-2004 Hardback 9781557533647 Available
After Machiavelli: "Re-writing" and the "Hermeneutic Attitude" Hardback 9781557530455 Available
After the Flashlight Man: A Memoir Hardback 9781557532589 Available
Afternoons with Puppy: Inspirations from a Therapist and His Animals Hardback 9781557534705 Unavailable
Agricultural Transition in New York State: Markets and Migration in Mid-Nineteenth-Century America Hardback 9781557532824 Available
Agriculture and National Development: Views on the Nineteenth Century Hardback 9781557532664 Not Available
Ambivalence of Identity: The Austrian Experience of Nation-Building in a Modern Society Hardback 9781557532015 Available
An American Story: Mexican American Entreprenuership and Wealth Creation Hardback 9781557535481 Available
American Vine-Dresser's Guide: Cultivation of the Vine and the Process of Wine Making in the United States Hardback 9781557533319 Available
The Amish Schools of Indiana: Faith in Education Hardback 9781557532930 Available
André Gide dans le labyrinthe de la mythotextualité Hardback 9781557530677 Available
An Anthology Regarding Merit Goods: The Unfinished Ethical Revolution in Economic Theory Hardback 9781557534286 Available
Applied Ethics in Animal Research: Philosophy, Regulation, and Laboratory Applications Hardback 9781557531360 Available for Pre-order
Aquinas Against the Averroists: On There Being Only One Intellect Hardback 9781557530288 Available