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The Queen of American Agriculture: A Biography of Virginia Claypool Meredith (Special Edition) Hardback 9781557535122 Unavailable
The Felt Meanings of the World: A Metaphysics of Feeling Paperback 9781557535986 Unavailable
The Jewish Jesus: Revelation, Reflection, Reclamation Paperback 9781557535795 Available
Bitter Prerequisites: A Faculty for Survival from Nazi Terror Paperback 9781557536006 Available
Pork Industry Handbook Hardback 9780982827222 Unavailable
One Small Step: The History of Aerospace Engineering at Purdue University Hardback 9781557535993 Available
A Knight at the Opera: Heine, Wagner, Herzl, Peretz and the Legacy of Der Tannhäuser Paperback 9781557536013 Available
Caballero noble desbaratado: Autobiografía e invención en el siglo XVI Paperback 9781557536020 Available
Nossa and Nuestra América: Inter-American Dialogues Paperback 9781557536037 Available
How I Became A Scientist: Activity Book for 3rd Graders Paperback 9781932739169 Unavailable
Native Trees of the Midwest: Identification, Wildlife Values, and Landscaping Use ePDF 9781612490007 Available
Native Trees of the Midwest: Identification, Wildlife Values, and Landscaping Use ePub 9781612490014 Available
Demolition: Practices, Technology, and Management ePDF 9781612490021 Available
Demolition: Practices, Technology, and Management ePub 9781612490038 Available
Women Count: A Guide to Changing the World ePDF 9781612490069 Available
Women Count: A Guide to Changing the World ePub 9781612490076 Available
Traveling Blind: Adventures in Vision with a Guide Dog by My Side ePDF 9781612490083 Unavailable
Traveling Blind: Adventures in Vision with a Guide Dog by My Side ePub 9781612490090 Unavailable
Mel Gibson's Passion: The Film, the Controversy, and Its Implications ePDF 9781612490106 Unavailable
The New York Public Intellectuals and Beyond: Exploring Liberal Humanism, Jewish Identity, and the American Protest Tradition ePDF 9781612490113 Available
The Emergence of Modern Hebrew Creativity in Babylon, 1735- 1950 ePDF 9781612490120 Available
Maven in Blue Jeans: A Festschrift in Honor of Zev Garber ePDF 9781612490137 Available
Blowing the Whistle on Genocide: Josiah E. DuBois, Jr. and the Struggle for a U.S. Response to the Holocaust ePDF 9781612490144 Available
Politics and the Intellectual: Conversations with Irving Howe ePDF 9781612490151 Available
Comparative Literature and Comparative Cultural Studies ePDF 9781612490168 Unavailable
Comparative Central European Culture ePDF 9781612490175 Available
Dialectics of Exile: Nation, Time, Language, and Space in Hispanic Literatures ePDF 9781612490182 Available
Comparative Cultural Studies and Latin America ePDF 9781612490199 Available
New Woman in Early Twentieth-Century Chinese Fiction ePDF 9781612490205 Available
Comparative Cultural Studies and Michael Ondaatje's Writing ePDF 9781612490212 Available
Cosmopolitanism in the Americas ePDF 9781612490229 Available
Imre Kertész and Holocaust Literature ePDF 9781612490236 Available
Postmodern Texts and Emotional Audiences ePDF 9781612490243 Available
The Jewish American Novel ePDF 9781612490250 Available
Crime and Media in Contemporary France ePDF 9781612490267 Available
On the Cultures of Exile,Translation and Writing ePDF 9781612490274 Available
Fantasies of Gender and the Witch in Feminist Theory and Literature ePDF 9781612490281 Available
Shakespeare in Hollywood, Asia, and Cyberspace ePDF 9781612490298 Available
Nation and Region in Modern American and European Fiction ePDF 9781612490304 Available
History and Poetics of Intertexuality ePDF 9781612490311 Available
Comparative Central European Holocaust Studies ePDF 9781612490328 Available
Representing Humanity in an Age of Terror ePDF 9781612490335 Unavailable
Gustav Shpet's Contribution to Philosophy and Cultural Theory ePDF 9781612490342 Available
Gombrowicz, Polish Modernism, and the Subversion of Form ePDF 9781612490359 Available
Wittgenstein's Thought in Transition ePDF 9781612490366 Unavailable
To the Other: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas ePDF 9781612490373 Unavailable
Plato's Phaedrus: The Philosophy of Love ePDF 9781612490380 Unavailable
Opening of Hegel's Logic: From Being to Infinity ePDF 9781612490397 Unavailable
Ockham on the Virtues ePDF 9781612490403 Unavailable
Kant and the Unity of Reason: History of Philosophy ePDF 9781612490410 Available