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Reading Plotinus: A Practical Introduction to Neoplatonism Hardback 9781557532336 Available
Reading Nietzsche at the Margins Paperback 9781557534514 Available
Reading Boileau: An Integrative Study of the Early "Satires" Hardback 9781557531100 Available
Reach of Poetry Paperback 9781557530691 Awaiting Publication
Reach of Poetry Hardback 9781557530684 Available
RAF Wings over Florida: Memories of World War II British Air Cadets Hardback 9781557532039 Available
Radical Theatricality: Jongleuresque Performance on the Early Spanish Stage Paperback 9781557534415 Available
Radical Reflection and the Origin of the Human Sciences Paperback 9780911198584 Available
Quixotic Vision of Sinclair Lewis Hardback 9780911198409 Available
The Queen of American Agriculture: A Biography of Virginia Claypool Meredith Hardback 9781557535184 Available
Quantitative Studies in Agrarian History Hardback 9781557532763 Available
Psyche of Feminism: Sand, Colette, Sarraute Paperback 9781557533296 Available
Prostituidas por el texto: Discurso prostibulario en la picaresca femenina Paperback 9781557535276 Available
Project and Program Management: A Competency–Based Approach Hardback 9781557535566 Available
Program Planning Student Guide: First Edition Paperback 9781557531711 Not Available
Program Planning Student Guide: First Edition Paperback 9781557531490 Not Available
Program Planning: A Real Life, Quantitative Approach Paperback 9781557531292 Available
Program Management: A Comprehensive Overview of the Discipline Hardback 9781557532244 Not Available
Program Management: A Comprehensive Overview of the Discipline Paperback 9781557533890 Available
Principles of Aseptic Processing and Packaging Paperback 9781557534965 Available
Prefaces to Diaphora: Rhetorics, Allegory, and the Interpretation of Postmodernity Hardback 9781557530042 Available
Potcakes: Dog Ownership in New Providence, The Bahamas Hardback 9781557533340 Available
Postmodern Texts and Emotional Audiences Paperback 9781557534798 Available
Possum in the Pawpaw Tree: A Seasonal Guide to Midwestern Gardening Paperback 9781557530547 Available
Possum in the Pawpaw Tree: A Seasonal Guide to Midwestern Gardening Hardback 9781557530530 Available
Pomp and Politics of Patriotism: Imperial Celebrations in Habsburg Austria, 1848-1916 Paperback 9781557534002 Available
Politics of Ethnic Survival: Germans in Prague, 1861-1914 Paperback 9781557534040 Available
Politics and the Intellectual: Conversations with Irving Howe Paperback 9781557535511 Available
Political Pulpit Revisited Paperback 9781557533654 Available
Political Pulpit Paperback 9780911198454 Not Available
Political Pulpit Hardback 9780911198447 Not Available
Poets, Painters, Paupers, Fools: Indiana's Stein Family Paperback 9781557530066 Available
Plotting the Past: Metamorphoses of Historical Narrative in Modern Italian Fiction Paperback 9781557530912 Available
Pleasure of Writing: Critical Essays on Dacia Maraini Hardback 9781557531971 Available
Pleasure of Influence: Conversations with Eleven Contemporary American Male Fiction Writers Paperback 9781557532534 Available
Playing with My Dog Katie: An Ethno-Methodological Study of Canine/Human Interaction Hardback 9781557534200 Available
Plato's Phaedrus: The Philosophy of Love Paperback 9781557531193 Available
Plato's Phaedrus: The Philosophy of Love Hardback 9781557531186 Available
Plan to Win: A Definitive Guide to Business Processes Paperback 9781557531636 Available
Plain Ol' Charlie Deam: Pioneer Hoosier Botanist Hardback 9781557530578 Available
Pietas Austriaca Paperback 9781557531599 Available
Perspectives on Philosophy of Communication Paperback 9781557534316 Available
A Perfect Harmony: The Intertwining Lives of Animals and Humans throughout History Paperback 9781557532411 Available
People, Property, or Pets? Hardback 9781557533807 Available
People Advantage: Improving Results through Better Selection and Performance Hardback 9781557531773 Available
Passion for Ideas: How Innovators Create the New and Shape Our World Hardback 9781557532091 Available
Partner Risk: Managing the Downside of Strategic Alliances Hardback 9781557532107 Available
Paradox of George Orwell Paperback 9780911198805 Available
Pamphlets and Public Opinion: The Campaign for a Union of Orders in the Early French Revolution Hardback 9781557531094 Available
Over-Fulfilled Expectations: A Life and an Era in Rural America Hardback 9781557532718 Available