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That Sheep May Safely Graze: Rebuilding Animal Health Care in War-Torn Afghanistan Paperback 9781557538628 Awaiting Publication
A History of Yugoslavia Paperback 9781557538383 Available for Pre-order
A Reason to Live: HIV and Animal Companions Paperback 9781557538437 Awaiting Publication
The Notorious Ben Hecht: Iconoclastic Writer and Militant Zionist Paperback 9781557538659 Awaiting Publication
Teaching in the Now: John Dewey on the Educational Present Paperback 9781557538062 Awaiting Publication
Propuestas para (re)construir una nación : El teatro de Emilia Pardo Bazán Paperback 9781557538482 Awaiting Publication
Transforming Trauma: Resilience and Healing Through Our Connections With Animals Paperback 9781557537959 Awaiting Publication
Making Peace in an Age of War: Emperor Ferdinand III (1608–1657) Paperback 9781557538444 Awaiting Publication
Technical Services: Adapting to the Changing Environment Paperback 9781557538420 Awaiting Publication
VMSAR 2019-2020: Veterinary Medical School Admission Requirements : 2019 Edition for 2020 Matriculation Paperback 9781557538604 Awaiting Publication
Finding Edith: Surviving the Holocaust in Plain Sight Paperback 9781557538086 Awaiting Publication
Le personnel est politique: Médias, esthétique, et politique de l’autofiction chez Christine Angot, Chloé Delaume, et Nelly Arcan Paperback 9781557538574 Awaiting Publication
Call Center Training Video, Student Manual: Student Manual Spiral Bound 978CCTAPESMA9 Available
Call Center Training Video, Full Set Video 978CCTAPEALL9 Available
Call Center Training Video, Tape 1: Introduction to Total Quality Video 978CCTAPE16 Available
Call Center Training Video, Tape 2: Active Listening Video 978CCTAPE23 Available
Call Center Training Video, Tape 3: Anger Diffusion Video 978CCTAPE30 Available
Call Center Training Video, Tape 4: Telephone Techniques Video 978CCTAPE47 Available
Call Center Training Video, Tape 5: Customer Expectations Video 978CCTAPE54 Available
Call Center Training Video, Tape 6: Negotiation and Mediation Video 978CCTAPE61 Available
Call Center Training Video, Tape 7: Stress Management Video 978CCTAPE78 Available
Call Center Training Video, Tape 8: Problem-Solving Video 978CCTAPE85 Currently Unavailable
Agent Coaching and Monitoring: AFFINA Video 978AEVT49 Not Available
Automated Agent Monitoring: Teknekron Video 978AEV57 Not Available
Computer-Based Training: Ulysses Video 978AEV11 Not Available
Customer Interaction Management: Oracle Video 978AEVT25 Not Available
Outsourcing: AFFINA Video 978AEVT32 Not Available