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Through Bosnian Eyes: The Political Memoirs of a Bosnian Serb ePDF 9781612491271 Unavailable
Naval Policy of Austria-Hungary, 1867-1918: Navalism, Industrial Development, and the Politics of Dualism ePDF 9781612491288 Unavailable
Arguments of Agriculture: A Casebook in Contemporary Agricultural Controversy ePDF 9781612491318 Unavailable
A Story for All Americans: Vietnam, Victims, and Veterans ePDF 9781612491325 Unavailable
Applied Ethics in Animal Research: Philosophy, Regulation, and Laboratory Applications ePDF 9781612491332 Unavailable
Women Succeeding in the Sciences: Theories and Practices Across Disciplines ePDF 9781612491349 Unavailable
Program Management: A Comprehensive Overview of the Discipline ePDF 9781612491356 Unavailable
Hard Water: Politics and Water Supply in Milwaukee, 1870-1995 ePDF 9781612491363 Unavailable
Passion for Ideas: How Innovators Create the New and Shape Our World ePDF 9781612491370 Unavailable
RAF Wings over Florida: Memories of World War II British Air Cadets ePDF 9781612491387 Currently Unavailable
The Leader's Imperative: Ethics, Integrity, and Responsibility ePDF 9781612491394 Unavailable
Bypass: A Memoir ePDF 9781612491400 Available
Tuning Into Mom: Understanding Americas Most Powerful Consumer ePDF 9781612491707 Available
Rescuing Rover: A First Aid and Disaster Guide for Dog Owners ePDF 9781612491417 Available
Ecology of Stray Dogs: A Study of Free-Ranging Urban Animals ePDF 9781612491424 Available
Wake Up Your Call Center, 4th edition: Humanize Your Interaction Hub, 4th Edition ePDF 9781612491431 Available
Shrubs and Woody Vines of Indiana and the Midwest : Identification, Wildlife Values, and Landscaping Use ePDF 9781612491448 Available
Caballero noble desbaratado: Autobiografía e invención en el siglo XVI ePDF 9781612491479 Available
Severo Sarduy and the Neo-Baroque Image of Thought in the Visual Arts ePDF 9781612491493 Available
Nossa and Nuestra América: Inter-American Dialogues ePDF 9781612491516 Available
A Knight at the Opera: Heine, Wagner, Herzl, Peretz and the Legacy of Der Tannhäuser ePDF 9781612491530 Available
Jews and Humor ePDF 9781612491547 Available
Engineering and Social Justice : In the University and Beyond ePDF 9781612491561 Available
Just Call Me Orville: The Story of Orville Redenbacher ePDF 9781612491608 Available
Unfinalized Moments: Essays in the Development of Contemporary Jewish American Narrative ePDF 9781612491622 Available
Transnational Discourses on Class, Gender, and Cultural Identity ePDF 9781612491646 Available
Disaster Recovery Project Management: Bringing Order from Chaos ePDF 9781612491660 Available
Heartbeat of the University: 125 Years of Purdue Bands ePDF 9781612491684 Available
Cities in Ruins: The Politics of Modern Poetics ePDF 9781612491721 Available
Writing and Inscription in the Golden Age Comedia ePDF 9781612491738 Awaiting Publication
From Burke and Wordsworth to the Modern Sublime in Chinese Literature ePDF 9781612491745 Available
Comparative Hungarian Cultural Studies ePDF 9781612491752 Available
A Jesuit Garden in Beijing and Early Modern Chinese Culture ePDF 9781612491769 Available
The Jewish Jesus: Revelation, Reflection, Reclamation ePDF 9781612491776 Available
Hugo von Hofmannsthal and the Austrian Idea: Selected Essays and Addresses, 1906–1927 ePDF 9781612491783 Available
The Peace of Passarowitz, 1718 ePDF 9781612491790 Available
Strands of System: The Philosophy of Charles Pierce ePDF 9781612491806 Awaiting Publication
The Extraordinary Spirit of Green Chimneys: Connecting Children and Animals to Create Hope ePDF 9781612491820 Available
VMSAR 2011-2012: Veterinary Medical School Admission Requirements: 2011 Edition for 2012 Matriculation ePDF 9781612491844 Available
Unleashed Fury: The Political Struggle for Dog-friendly Parks ePDF 9781612491875 Available
The Health Benefits of Dog Walking for Pets and People: Evidence and Case Studies ePDF 9781612491905 Available
Divided Paths, Common Ground: The Story of Mary Matthews and Lella Gaddis, Pioneering Purdue Women Who Introduced Science into the Home ePDF 9781612491929 Available
Walk a Hound, Lose a Pound: How You and Your Dog Can Lose Weight, Stay Fit, and Have Fun Together ePDF 9781612491981 Available
Theory of Mind and Literature ePDF 9781612491998 Available
GPS for Graduate School: Students Share Their Stories ePDF 9781612493138 Available
A Fish in the Moonlight: Growing Up in the Bone Marrow Unit ePDF 9781612492025 Available
Child Rights: The Movement, International Law, and Opposition ePDF 9781612492056 Available
Bridge Builder: An Insider’s Account of Over 60 Years in Post-War Reconstruction, International Diplomacy, and German – American Relations ePDF 9781612492070 Available
Digital Humanities and the Study of Intermediality in Comparative Cultural Studies ePDF 9781612493152 Available
Asian Diaspora and East–West Modernity ePDF 9781612492094 Available