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Nimble Tongues: Studies in Literary Translingualism Paperback 9781557538727 Available
Eva and Otto: Resistance, Refugees, and Love in the Time of Hitler Paperback 9781557538819 Available
Jan Hus: The Life and Death of a Preacher Paperback 9781557538765 Available
President Trump’s First Term: The Year in C-SPAN Archives Research, Volume 5 Paperback 9781557538826 Available
Cats and Conservationists: The Debate Over Who Owns the Outdoors Paperback 9781557538871 Available
Integrating Information into the Engineering Design Process Paperback 9781557538543 Available
My Amiable Uncle: Recollections about Booth Tarkington Paperback 9781557539656 Available
Force for Change: The Class of 1950 Paperback 9781557539663 Available
Edward Charles Elliott, Educator Paperback 9781557539649 Available
The Dean: A Biography of A. A. Potter Paperback 9781557539632 Available
The Hovde Years: A Biography of Frederick L. Hovde Paperback 9781557539618 Available
Richard Owen: Scotland 1810, Indiana 1890 Paperback 9781557539625 Available
VMSAR 2020-2021: Veterinary Medical School Admission Requirements : 2020 Edition for 2021 Matriculation Paperback 9781557539434 Available for Pre-order
Being Portuguese in Spanish: Reimagining Early Modern Iberian Literature, 1580-1640 Paperback 9781557538833 Available for Pre-order
Croatian Radical Separatism and Diaspora Terrorism During the Cold War Paperback 9781557538918 Available for Pre-order
A Reluctant Icon: Letters to Neil Armstrong Paperback 9781557539694 Available for Pre-order
Teaching the Empire: Education and State Loyalty in Late Habsburg Austria Paperback 9781557538956 Available for Pre-order
British Imperial Air Power: The Royal Air Forces and the Defense of Australia and New Zealand Between the World Wars Paperback 9781557539403 Currently Unavailable
This is a Test Paperback 9781234567890 Available
Call Center Training Video, Student Manual: Student Manual Spiral Bound 978CCTAPESMA9 Available
Call Center Training Video, Full Set Video 978CCTAPEALL9 Available
Call Center Training Video, Tape 1: Introduction to Total Quality Video 978CCTAPE16 Available
Call Center Training Video, Tape 2: Active Listening Video 978CCTAPE23 Available
Call Center Training Video, Tape 3: Anger Diffusion Video 978CCTAPE30 Available
Call Center Training Video, Tape 4: Telephone Techniques Video 978CCTAPE47 Available
Call Center Training Video, Tape 5: Customer Expectations Video 978CCTAPE54 Available
Call Center Training Video, Tape 6: Negotiation and Mediation Video 978CCTAPE61 Available
Call Center Training Video, Tape 7: Stress Management Video 978CCTAPE78 Available
Call Center Training Video, Tape 8: Problem-Solving Video 978CCTAPE85 Currently Unavailable
Agent Coaching and Monitoring: AFFINA Video 978AEVT49 Not Available
Automated Agent Monitoring: Teknekron Video 978AEV57 Not Available
Computer-Based Training: Ulysses Video 978AEV11 Not Available
Customer Interaction Management: Oracle Video 978AEVT25 Not Available
Outsourcing: AFFINA Video 978AEVT32 Not Available