Lynda Birke

Lynda Birke was Senior Lecturer in Women and Gender Studies at the University of Warwick, U.K. Her PhD is in biology, specialising in animal behaviour, in which she did research for many years. Alongside that, however, she has also specialised in social studies of science, particularly from feminist perspectives, and has written extensively on these themes, including work on science and animals (e.g. Feminism, Science and Animals, Open University Press, 1994). A particular focus of her science studies work has been the animal experimentation controversy, research done partly in collaboration with Mike Michael. She has a particular interest in animal welfare and ethics, and has served on several ethical and welfare committees. Since taking early retirement, she has concentrated on research in animal welfare and human/animal relationships, and is currently an Associate Editor for Society and Animals. Her 1999 book, Feminism and the Biological Body (Edinburgh University Press) was shortlisted for the Medical Sociology prize of the British Sociological Association.

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