For Authors

Dedicated to the dissemination of scholarly and professional information, Purdue University Press provides quality resources in several subject areas, including business, technology, health, veterinary medicine, and other selected disciplines in the humanities and sciences. As the scholarly publishing arm of Purdue University, the Press is also a partner for university faculty and staff, centers, and departments wishing to disseminate the results of their research. The Press publishes around 30 books a year and ten subscription-based journals. It is also committed to broadening access to scholarly information using digital technology, and distributes a number of open-access electronic journals as part of this initiative.

Guidelines for prospective authors are available below. Please note that these guidelines are primarily for book authors, although some information, such as permission regulations, are useful for journal as well as book authors. Journal authors should also refer to specific submission, style, and other instructions at journal web sites, accessible from our Browse Journals page.

For prospective authors