Editorial Board

The Editorial Board of Purdue University Press consists of nine members of the University’s faculty. The Director of the Press and the Editor are ex officio, non-voting members. Each member is appointed by the Dean of Libraries for a three year term, the terms coinciding with the University’s fiscal year. A member may serve two consecutive terms. The Chair of the Board must be a current member and is appointed by the Dean of Libraries. The Board meets twice a semester. It is responsible for the imprint of the Press, and all projects for publication must have its approval. In addition to reviewing publishing proposals, the Editorial Board reviews and participates in the formulation of Press editorial policy, and provides guidance and support on acquisitions. 

Board Members:

  • Justin Race, Director, Purdue UP (ex officio) (non-voting member)
  • Katherine Purple, Editorial, Design, and Production Manager, Purdue UP (non-voting member)
  • Bryan Shaffer, Sales and Marketing Manager, Purdue UP (non-voting member)


Members of the Editorial Board can log into the Board online workspace here.