Rights and Permissions

Purdue University Press material is in copyright and, except as provided under national law, may not be used without the express permission of PUP. If you want to reprint or reproduce in any way material from a book, journal or other product published by Purdue University Press, see below for further details. For questions not answered on this page, please send an inquiry to pupress [at] purdue [dot] edu.

If you are not sure whether Purdue University Press is the publisher of a book or journal from which the material you are seeking permission for comes, search our online catalog, but bear in mind that some out-of-print titles in which Purdue holds rights may not be listed here.

Note also that Purdue University Press may not be able to grant permission for the use of all the material it publishes. In particular, illustrations, tables or extensive quotations included in Purdue publications may have been reproduced by Purdue with the permission of another rightsholder. Always check the caption or citation to ensure that Purdue is the rightsholder before proceeding.

Subsidiary Rights Requests:

These include requests for translation rights in a work as a whole (accepted from publishers only), and for audio, video, performance, electronic, or reprint rights in a work as a whole. Please send an inquiry to pupress [at] purdue [dot] edu.

Permission Requests:

These are generally requests to reproduce excerpts - text extracts (in original language or translation), figures and illustrations in printed or electronic format; audio excerpts). Please send an inquiry to pupress [at] purdue [dot] edu.

Permission Requests from Authors of Purdue University Press Publications:

Please check your contract. Most educational, non-commercial uses (for example, in teaching materials) of material from your own works do not require permission. Otherwise, please send an inquiry to pupress [at] purdue [dot] edu.

Electronic Reserve and Educational Photocopying Requests:

These include coursepack use. Please contact the Copyright Clearance Center (www.copyright.com).

Requests from the visually impaired.

Permission is granted free of charge to reproduce Purdue University Press publications in large print or other format for the exclusive use of the visually impaired. please send an inquiry to pupress [at] purdue [dot] edu.