Purdue University Press Staff


Justin RaceBryan Shaffer
Tel: (765) 494-8251
E-mail: racej [at] purdue [dot] edu

Justin oversees the Purdue University Press and its publication of books, journals, and the open access scholarly content of the text repository, Purdue e-Pubs. Additionally, Justin leads the acquisition efforts of the Press and serves as a member of the Purdue University Libraries senior leadership team.

Sales and Marketing Manager

Bryan Shaffer
Bryan ShafferTel: (765) 494-8428
E-mail: bshaffer [at] purdue [dot] edu

Bryan is in charge of sales and marketing for Purdue University Press journals and books and is also charged with increasing impact, dissemination, and discoverability of all publications. Bryan supervises marketing team members, manages existing revenue streams, and oversees the PUP brand and leveraging new means of driving awareness and use of Open Access titles and grant-funded initiatives.


Editorial, Design, and Production Manager

Katherine Purple
Katherine PurpleTel: (765) 494-6259 
E-mail: kpurple [at] purdue [dot] edu

Katherine is in charge of the full production process and its subprocesses, from the time final manuscripts have been submitted, through copyediting, typesetting, design, XML conversion, to final publication. Katherine also is in charge of all house styles. She supervises EDP team members and manages the print and electronic publishing processes for all Purdue University Press publications.


Senior Production Editor

Kelley Kimm
Kelley KimmTel: (765) 494-8024
E-mail: kkimm [at] purdue [dot] edu

Kelley works mainly on books, both copyediting and typesetting volumes and designing interior templates. She was previously employed by Elsevier's health sciences books division.


Graphic Designer

Chris Brannan
Matthew MuddTel: (765) 494-6430
E-mail: cbrannan [at] purdue [dot] edu


Chris works on a wide range of activities from designing book covers, advertisements, exhibit materials, posters, and other marketing items. He also assists the editorial team in the clean-up, redrawing, or creation of illustrations for books and journals. Chris earned a bachelor's degree in visual communications/graphic design from Ball State University. Prior to joining the Press in 2018, he worked for over 11 years in the graphic design field around the West Lafayette area.


Administrative Assistant

Becki Corbin
Becki CorbinTel: (765) 494-8144
E-mail: rlcorbin [at] purdue [dot] edu

Becki is the first point of contact for prospective authors/general inquiries. She manages the peer review and contract process for books. She also assists with marketing, processes royalty reports, and is the liaison with the Business Office. In general, she supports the administrative operations of the Press.


Assistant Production Editor

Sarah Merryman
Sarah MerrymanTel: (765) 494-4943
E-mail: smerryma [at] purdue [dot] edu

Sarah is an assistant production editor, working on the Joint Transportation Research Program (JTRP) technical report series.




E-mail: pupress [at] purdue [dot] edu