Purdue Information Literacy Handbooks

PILH books promote evidence-based practice in teaching information literacy competencies through the lens of the different academic disciplines. The content of each volume includes the perspectives of disciplinary experts as well as library and information science professionals. The handbooks apply library and information science theories, pedagogies, and models to information literacy in the context of academic disciplines. Each handbook includes sections that explain the relationship of information literacy to different disciplines; identify relevant theories, pedagogies, and/or models; and relate those to effective practice in information literacy teaching and learning. The handbooks are designed both for librarians engaged in instruction and faculty in the disciplines who are including information literacy in undergraduate and graduate learning. Preference will be given to handbooks jointly authored or edited by a librarian and disciplinary faculty member.

Founding Series Editor: Dr. Sharon A. Weiner

Current Series Editor: Dr. Clarence Maybee

All proposals should include information outlined in our submission guidelines and be emailed to racej [at] purdue [dot] edu (Justin Race) with "Information Literacy submission" in the subject line.