Ethics and Empowerment

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Amid the burgeoning literature on business ethics, Ethics and Empowerment provides an important lead in taking a well-known everyday management notion such as "empowerment" and using it to make "ethics" more relevant and accessible to the business world.


Adding a major contribution to the ongoing debate about the role of business in society, this book examines the issues of power, control, and antonomy, addressing such questions as empowerment as a matter of justice, and also provides case studies of the organizational experiences of empowerment programs.


The contributors range across three continents and are experts in their respective fields. Their wide-ranging perspective helps managers grapple with such crucial questions as: How can one encourage competitive advantage through empowered creativity without an organization falling apart? Is a minimum degree of empowerment a basic human right? Why do so many "empowerment programs" appear to fail? Can empowerment really work in a capitalist shareholder-driven society?