Five Stars for Managers: Strategy Concepts in Business

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Purdue University Press


The authors--academics and military men--cite examples throughout military history, including quotes, stories, and diagrams, that teach important lessons for business leaders. Their central theory is that an interacting environment sets typical conditions in which an organization and its strategy will succeed. Critical factors supporting this theory are explained in chapters covering the environment, organization, and strategy in the planning stage, and communication, action, and results in the execution phase. The appendix reviews military-business maxims, which include looking at the big picture first, looking for what causes change, being ready to deal with the worst, making sure the mission is clear, assigning objectives and not actions, and learning from everyone else. The final admonition is to learn why we make a mistake and how to avoid it next time. While the linkage of military and business performance is not a new concept, the authors' presentation in story form enhances traditional concepts to make them relevant and applicable to modern managers.