Poets, Painters, Paupers, Fools

Poets, Painters, Paupers, Fools: Indiana's Stein Family (Paperback)

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Poets, Painters, Paupers, Fools
Purdue University Press
6.00" x 9.00"

Book Description

Robert C. Kriebel's sympathetic biography of the prominent nineteenth-century Lafayette family weaves the story of four fascinating individuals into the web of state and national history and culture. The family members include John A. Stein, the distinguished state politician who devoted years to the founding of Purdue University; the indomitable mother, Virginia, who pursued a career in the local library when left widowed and penniless; the talented, albeit disreputable, Orth Stein, who achieved prominence as a journalist and illustrator but was also tried for murder; and the sheltered Evaleen Stein, who achieved local fame as a poet and author of children's books.

Book Reviews

Senator Richard G. Lugar

“From John Stein’s ambitious beginnings in Lafayette. . .to Evaleen Stein’s quiet but influential life as a poet and children’s author, Robert Kriebel’s latest slice of Indiana history is a delightful account of one family’s influence upon a small Hoosier port town. Readers will enjoy the web of anecdotes that comprise several Stein generations and the colorful glimpse that work gives into the Indiana of yesterday.”

James H. Madison, Indiana University–Bloomington

"Poets, Painters, Paupers, Fools is a delight. Robert C. Kriebel’s lively prose carries the reader through the joys and disappointments of an unusually talented and fascinating Hoosier family. From Lafayette, Indiana to Leadville, Colorado, and from politics and journalism to poetry and murder, the Stein family comes alive in a book that will win many happy readers.”

About the Author(s):

Robert C. Kriebel was employed 40 years in a variety of writing, editing, and executive positions at the Lafayette, Indiana Journal and Courier. He continued in retirement to contribute a Sunday column on local history, a column that ran from 1977 to 2011. Kriebel is the author of 5 books on Indiana biography, and one about the life and the work of American jazz bandleader, Woody Herman.