Call Center Management: By the Numbers

Call Center Management: By the Numbers (Paperback)

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 Call Center Management: By the Numbers
Purdue University Press
8.50" x 11.00"

Book Description

Designed to provide new professional callcenter managers with a methodology for managing their callcenter in an easily understood, step-by-step manner.

Book Reviews

Gregory Van Zandt, AT&T Call Center Consulting

"Full of useful information to enhance current operations and improve customer and agent retention."

Robert H. Kirkpatrick, President of Intelesis Instant Communication Services, Inc.

"A totally practical method for bringing hard (internal) and soft (external) measures together to know how the callcenter is performing for the organization."

About the Author(s):

Jon Anton is with the Department of Consumer Sciences at Purdue University. A researcher in Purdue's Center for Customer-Driven Quality, he specializes in enhancing customer service strategy through inbound call centers and teleweb centers using the latest telecommunications and computer technology.