Delicious Imaginations: Conversations with Contemporary Writers (Paperback)

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Delicious Imaginations
Purdue University Press
5.50" x 8.50"

Book Description

Interviews with some of the country's top literary figures, including Charles Baxter, Charles Simic, Donald Revell, Gerald Stern, Sandra Gilbert, Catherine Bowman, Campbell McGrath, and a previously unpublished interview with Russell Banks, are anthologized for the first time in this compelling collection

About the Editor(s):

Recently joined the university after spending 15 years in Industry. Studied Engineering (Electrical and Electronic) at Cambridge and started working life as an electronics design engineer designing control equipment for locomotives. As well as designing cicuit boards, this was first foray into computing - writing software for the loco control system. Then moved out of the detail design activities into planning and project managing the activities for the design and build of locomotives. This role introduced me to the idea of managing change within an organisations and also gave me the opportunity to implement my first computer system - a multi user project planning system. I decided I enjoyed this and wanted to learn more, so studied for an MBA part time at Loughborough University. It was then time for a change. I decided I wanted to be more involved with implementing information systems - so I moved into a consultancy role and have spent the last 9 years working for Accenture helping companies assess their systems requirements, design business processes and implement the supporting systems (often SAP ERP systems). I am now enjoying having the opportunity to teach and being able to expand my academic understanding to complement my practical experience.

Kevin Kehrwald Assistant Professor B.A., University of Oklahoma; M.A., Arizona State University; Ph.D., Purdue University Interests Film, 20th-Century American Literature, Cultural Studies