Touched by the Dragon: Experiences of Vietnam Veterans from Newport County, Rhode Island (Hardback)

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Touched by the Dragon
Purdue University Press
6.00" x 9.00"
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Book Description

Touched by the Dragon details wartime accounts of average servicemen and women-some heroic, some frightening, some amusing, some nearly unbelievable-extracted from interviews with Vietnam War veterans residing in Newport County, Rhode Island. The work is a historical compendium of fascinating and compelling stories woven together in a theme format. What makes this book truly unique, however, is its absence of literary pretentiousness. Relating oral accounts, the veterans speak in a no-nonsense, matter-of-fact way. As seen through the eyes of the veterans, the stories include first-person experiences of infantry soldiers, a flight officer, a medic, a nurse, a combat engineer, an intelligence soldier, and various support personnel. Personalities emerge gradually as the veterans discuss their pre war days, their training and preparation for Vietnam, and their actual in-country experiences. The stories speak of fear and survival: the paranoia of not knowing who or where the enemy was; the bullets, rockets, and mortars that could mangle a body or snuff out a life in a instant; and going home with a CMH--not the Congressional Medal of Honor, but a Casket with Metal Handles. The veterans also speak friendships and simple acts of kindness. But more importantly, they speak of healing-both physical and mental.

About the Author(s):

Frank L. Grzyb was drafted into the army in 1969 and sent to Vietnam in 1970.  He was assigned to the 1st Logistical Command and later the U.S. Army, Vietnam, in the coastal city of Qui Nhon.  Before departing Vietnam, Frank was awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Army Commendation, Vietnam Service, and Vietnam Campaign medals.  Educated at Nichols College and Fairleigh Dickinson Univeristy Graduate School, Frank is now employed at a government research and development laboratory as a personnel management specialist.  He is married with two children and lives in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.