Deconstruction Reframed

Deconstruction Reframed (Paperback)

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Deconstruction Reframed
Purdue University Press
6.00" x 9.00"

Book Description

Directed chiefly toward scholars in literary criticism and theory, Peircean semiotics, and, more generally, philosophy, this book is, by the nature of its broad focus, more descriptive than critical, synthetic rather than overtly prescriptive. Beginning with a brief discussion of Peirce and deconstruction, the author then turns to the relevance of current concepts in science and the philosophy of science as well as mathematics -- especially Godel's theorems. Subsequently, a series of "thought experiments" is used to illustrate that some concepts propounded by deconstruction are compatible with certain aspects of the "new physics." The notion of "writing" is compared to Karl Popper's philosophy of science, and finally, a discussion of Beckett rounds out the author's general thesis.

About the Author(s):

Floyd Merrell is a professor of Spanish at Purdue University.  He is the author of five books and numerous articles on semiotics, literary theory, and Hispanic literature.