Regions in the History of Central Europe

Regions in Central Europe: The Legacy of History (Paperback)

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Regions in the History of Central Europe
Purdue University Press
6.00" x 9.00"

Book Description

These studies of the development and constitution of Central Europe's spatial dimensions illustrate different attempts at establishing identity-structures. Some structures have a long continuity, others are comparatively new. In some new cases the identity has grown progressively from below and from within, while in others external forces and decisions from above have determined the territorial organization. To understand how ethnoterritorial identities arise as well as their potential impact, it is necessary to consult the historical record. This collection thus contributes to the understanding of some of the major trends in today's Europe.

About the Editor(s):

Sven Tägil, Historian, professor of Empirical Conflict Research at the Council for Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences and at the University of Lund, Sweden.