Death of a "Jewish Science": Psychoanalysis in the Third Reich (Hardback)

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Death of a "Jewish Science"
Purdue University Press
6.00" x 9.00"

Book Description

James and Eileen Goggin describe the interaction between Jewish and Gentile analysts before and after the Third Reich, demonstrating how most of the Gentile analysts quickly adapted to the new regimens demands, while the Jews were forced to emigrate.

About the Author(s):

James E. Goggin works in private practice as a clinical psychologist at the Southwest Center for Psychological Developement in Lubbock Texas. He is a diplomate in clinical psychology and has held teaching position in the psychiatry departments at Kansas University Medical Center and Texas Tech Univeristy Health Science Center.

Eileen B. Goggin has worked as a school psychologist and as a research consultant in pediatric psychiatry. She is currently a psychologist in private practice and consults for a Lubbock Nursing Center.