Pleasure of Writing: Critical Essays on Dacia Maraini (Hardback)

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Pleasure of Writing
Purdue University Press
6.00" x 9.00"

Book Description

One of contemporary Italy's best-known writers, Dacia Maraini has often been a figure of controversy as author and as cultural critic. Though she is recipient of numerous literary awards, Maraini's work has not received the sustained critical attention commensurable with its stature. Working and creating "dalla parte delle donne" (on the side of women), she had been effectively excluded from the Italian critical canon. The Pleasure of Writing is opened with Maraini's own analysis of women's writing. There follow 14 essays by an international group of Italianists, utilizing a wide spectrum of interpretive perspectives, form semiotics to psychoanalysis, to treat the full range of Maraini's production as novelist, playwright, poet, and filmmaker.

About the Editor(s):

Rodica Diaconescu-Blumenfeld is an associate professor of Italian studies at Vassar College.  She is the author of Born Illiterate: Gender and Representation in Gadda's Pasticciaccio.  She has published articles on Marco Risi, Lina Wertmuller, and Gianni Amelio.  Currently, she is working on the politics of cultural repression of the Balkans in European cinemas and on the politics of cultural repression in Italian cinema.

Ada Testaferri completed her dottorato in modern languages and literatures in Italy and obtained her Ph.D. in Italian medieval literature at the University of Toronto.  She has edited Donne: Women in Italian Culture and co-edited Feminism in the Cinema.  She has published articles on Boccaccio and on women issues and is presently teaching Italian literature at York University.