Call Center Benchmarking: How Good Is "Good Enough"

Call Center Benchmarking: How Good Is "Good Enough" (Paperback)

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 Call Center Benchmarking: How Good Is "Good Enough"
Purdue University Press

Book Description

Executives are beginning to recognize the potential of the call center as a significant revenue generator, perhaps one of the surest investments they can make in enhancing and creating customer value and bottom-line profits. Return on investments made in customer accessibility is seldom less than 100% in the first year, and frequently even more if customer lifetime value is included in the equation. Herein lies the challenge and the primary reason to benchmark your call center metrics against not only the best-in-the-world, but also your most direct competitors, i.e., best-in-class.

About the Author(s):

Jon Anton is with the Department of Consumer Sciences at Purdue University. A researcher in Purdue's Center for Customer-Driven Quality, he specializes in enhancing customer service strategy through inbound call centers and teleweb centers using the latest telecommunications and computer technology.

David Gustin is the directlor for Global Business Intelegences Research programs and an internationally recognized strategy and operations consultant with 16 years experience in banking and management consulting to the Financial Services industry.