Customer Call Center Outback: A Frontline Supervisor's Map to Success (Paperback)

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Customer Call Center Outback
Purdue University Press
8.50" x 11.00"

Book Description

Designed as a workbook for frontline supervisors, this easy-to-use referenceoffers suggestions on how to solve the most frequently encounteredproblems in the call center. Based on research with 70 call/contact centersupervisors, a wide variety of possible solutions is developed to counterthe most common problems. The work is current, practical, and honest.Many of the solutions will answer your daily questions. This compendiumwill save you time and money.

About the Author(s):

Michael D. Trotter is a passionate leader in the call/contact center industry. He has invented the term "business karaoke" to describe most companies' behavior when it comes to being customer focused. He sees things through the eyes of customers and employees and has often taken the path of most resistance to make his point. Having spent the past 14 years involved with the daily operations of call/ contact centers, he has had a chance to put this philosophy into practice. Currently, Mike Trotter is the executive director of the Center for Customer-Driven Quality at Purdue University.