Return Journey: Hope and Strength in the Aftermath of Alzheimer's

Return Journey: Hope and Strength in the Aftermath of Alzheimer’s (Hardback)

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Return Journey: Hope and Strength in the Aftermath of Alzheimer's
Purdue University Press
6.00" x 9.00"

Book Description

What choices were right, what choices were wrong, and how can she now help those whose journey is just beginning? A Return Journey by Sue Petrovski draws on the journals she kept during her mother’s eight-year illness, and on her correspondence with other caregivers who were kind enough to share their innermost feelings and emotions. The 2017 paperback edition also includes a new preface by the author reflecting on the work more than a dozen years later, after Petrovski began caring for her husband who also was diagnosed with a form of dementia, and after she moved them both into a senior independent living residence. Together, their stories and the added reflection of a dozen years provide the reader with an insider’s view of the lessons to be learned from the heart of the experience itself. Petrovski clearly and wisely explains that in Alzheimer’s care there are no “right” ways, no “best” decisions, no “perfect” answers. There is simply the journey through the disease with loved ones and A Return Journey back again.

About the Author(s):

Sue Matthews Petrovski has a B.A. degree from Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin, and an M.A. in secondary/adult education from th University of Colorado. She is a retired teacher of high school history, government and economics. Sue and her husband have moved to a senior independent living residence and she is caring for her husband who has dementia and other illnesses. Sue continues to write about Aging and edits a local Newspaper for the residents.