St. Benedict's Rule for Business Success

St. Benedict's Rule for Business Success (Paperback)

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St. Benedict's Rule for Business Success
Purdue University Press
5.00" x 7.00"

Book Description

St. Benedict's Rule is one of a handful of documents, such as the Magna Carta and U.S. Constitution, that make up the foundation of Western civilization. Benedict's Rule is an organizational blueprint for success and Benedict's original organization is the oldest in the world (over 1500 years). The beauty of The Rule is its organizational genius, which has wide application beyond monastic groups.The Rule is a basic textbook to create and maintain effective organizations. It offers today's reader insights into some of the most difficult resource management in business. The Rule is a guide to success for entrepreneurs, managers, and everyone in the world of business. St. Benedict's Rule for Business Success is must reading for entrepreneurs, managers, and business. Furthermore, it is great for anyone wanting to develop effective organizations, from church groups to Girl Scouts.

About the Author(s):

Quentin Skrabec has had an extensive career in management and business. He holds a BS degree from the University of Michigan and an MS from Ohio State University. Dr. Skrabec also holds three degrees in Business, including his doctorate in Manufacturing Management from the University of Toledo. Presently he is a professor of business at the University of Findlay, heading up a new operations degree program. He also frequently consults in the field of organizational design.