Westward We Came: A Norwegian Immigrant's Story, 1866 - 1898 (Paperback)

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Westward We Came
Purdue University Press
6.00" x 9.00"

Book Description

Westward We Came is a memoir of Harold B. Kildahl, Sr. and his family pulling up roots in Norway and immigrating to the United States in 1866. It is a vivid description of their travels and settlement in southern Minnesota. Westward We Came is an authentic depiction of difficult pioneer life-true Americana, including the hardships as well as the joys of that time and place.

About the Editor(s):

Erling E. Kildahl is the youngest and only surviving child of the author. He earned a BA from Jamestown College in 1940. After attending the Pasadena Playhouse School of Theater, he came to Purdue University as an Instructor and Director and taught speech, theatre, and drama for over three decades.