Amid the Alien Corn

Amid the Alien Corn (Paperback)

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 Amid the Alien Corn
Purdue University Press
Education, History
6.00" x 9.00"

Book Description

In 1955, Hugh Willoughby left for a Midwestern American university (Purdue University). He jotted down notes of his impressions and experiences to send back to his English friends, which were subsequently put together in a series of letters. These letters are uninhibited and never whittled down to spare American sensitivity. This newer annotated edition gives descriptions of events and practices that might have slipped out of modern recollection and provides a look at the American way of life and education that still insightful.

About the Author(s):

Hugh Willoughby is now deceased. At the time of the book's initial publication in 1957, he was an English agriculturist and a graduate of Oxford, where he took his degree in history. He was author of three books and numerous articles during his life.