The Three Person Solution: Creating Sustainable Collaborative Relationships (Paperback)

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Three Person Solution
Purdue University Press
6.00" x 9.00"

Book Description

The Three Person Solution resolves problems with human interaction by formalizing three person relationships. Two against one dynamics disappear. Double binds dissolve. A collaborative relational practice becomes possible for many people. Two person relationships benefit indirectly. Our tendency is to view any three person interaction in classic dramatic terms, but the structure of this relational practice, called Threeing, is not a narrative structure. The Three do not interact dramatically following a story line to an ending. Rather, the Three interact recursively, following a circuit that balances relationships. To partake in the process of Threeing, narrative expectations must be abandoned. The practice of Threeing can keep relationships healthy and thriving in family settings, intercultural situations, educational programs, collaborative research, collaborative art making, peace making, governance, management, online groups, worker training and environmental initiatives. This book includes an explanation of the theory of Threeing based on the cybernetics of Gregory Bateson and the philosophy of Charles Peirce, examples of Threeing in education and worker training, and detailed instructions for using the Three Person Solution.

About the Author(s):

After working with Marshall McLuhan at Fordham University, Paul Ryan became an experimental video artist. Using video recording and replay, Mr. Ryan invented a stable repertoire of behaviors for three people which he presented in various art venues including The Primitivism Show at Museum of Modern Art in NYC. Subsequently, he developed and implemented successful programs in education and worker training based on three person collaboration. His program for a Hall of Risk in lower Manhattan appeared in the Venice Biennial. NASA published his Earthscore Notational System. Mr. Ryan authored Cybernetics of the Sacred and Video Mind, Earth Mind. His articles have appeared in Radical Software, IS Journal, Millennium, Leonardo, Terra Nova, The American Journal of Semiotics and Semiotica. Currently he is an Associate Professor in the Graduate Media Studies Program at The New School in New York City.