Manufacturing Facilities Design & Material Handling

Manufacturing Facilities Design and Material Handling (Hardback [5th Edition])

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 Manufacturing Facilities Design & Material Handling
5th Edition
Purdue University Press
7.50" x 9.25"

Book Description

Designed for junior- and senior-level courses in Plant and Facilities Planning and Manufacturing Systems and Procedures, this textbook is also suitable for graduate-level and two-year college courses. The book takes a practical, hands-on, project-oriented approach to exploring the techniques and procedures for developing an efficient facility layout. It also introduces state-of-the-art tools including computer simulation. Access to Layout-iQ workspace planning software is included for purchasers of the book. Theoretical concepts are clearly explained and then rapidly applied to a practical setting through a detailed case study at the end of the volume. The book systematically leads students through the collection, analysis, and development of information to produce a quality functional plant layout for a lean manufacturing environment. All aspects of facility design, from receiving to shipping, are covered. In the fifth edition of this successful book, previously published by Prentice Hall, numerous updates and corrections have been made. Also, rather than including brief “case-in-point” examples at the end of each chapter, a single, detailed case study is provided that better exposes students to the multiple considerations that need to be taken into account when improving efficiency in a real manufacturing facility. The textbook has enjoyed substantial international adoptions and has been translated into Spanish and Chinese.


About the Author(s):

Matthew P. Stephens is a professor and a University Faculty Scholar in the College of Technology at Purdue University, where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in facilities planning, statistical quality control, and productivity- and reliability-based maintenance management. Stephens holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Southern Illinois University and the University of Arkansas, with specialization in operations management and statistics. He spent nine years with several manufacturing and business enterprises, and he has been involved as a consultant with a number of major manufacturing companies. Stephens has numerous publications to his credit including several internationally adopted textbooks.

Fred E. Meyers, P.E., is an emeritus professor in the College of Engineering and Technology at Southern Illinois University. He is an author and consultant, principal of Fred E. Meyers & Associates. Meyers has worked in heavy equipment manufacturing, aerospace, appliance manufacturing, and several other areas. His vast experience and varied assignments have made significant contributions to this textbook. His previous books include Plant Layout and Material Handling (1993) and Motion and Time Study for Lean Manufacturing (with James R. Stewart) (2001).