The Jewish American Novel

The Jewish American Novel (ePDF)

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The Jewish American Novel
Purdue University Press

Book Description

Philippe Codde provides a comparative cultural analysis of the unprecedented success of the Jewish novel in the postwar United States by situating the process and event in the context of three closely-related American cultural movements: the popularity in the US of French philosophical and literary existentialism, the increasing visibility of the Holocaust in US-American life, and the advent of radical theology. Codde argues that the literary repertoire of the postwar Jewish novel consists of an amalgam of these cultural elements that were making their mark in the political, religious, and philosophical systems of the United States at the time, and that this explains, in part, the Jewish novel’s sweeping success in the American literary system.

About the Author(s):

Philippe Codde is Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at Ghent University. He has published articles on a variety of topics in journals including Poetics Today, Yiddish (Modern Jewish Studies), Partial Answers, Studies in American Fiction, English Language Notes, and the Saul Bellow Journal, as well as in volumes such as Lost on the Map of the World: Jewish-American Women's Quest for Home in Essays and Memoirs, and Encyclopedia of Ethnic American Literature.