People, Property, or Pets?

People, Property, or Pets? (ePDF)

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 People, Property, or Pets?
Purdue University Press

Book Description

A child can't be owned, but parents are legally responsible for their child's care. A painting and a dog can be owned; both fall under the jurisdiction of the law and in particular, property rights. But why should a dog, man's best friend, an animal with a mind and emotions, fall under the same category as a painting? How could the law be so foolish? Requiring legal guardianship for animals would have radical consequences for how we live our lives.

About the Editor(s):

MARC D. HAUSER is an internationally recognized biologist who, through his work on wild and captive primates, has helped to revolutionize our understanding of animal minds. Hauser is currently a Professor of Psychology and the Co-Director of the Mind, Brain and Behavior Program at Harvard University. FIERY CUSHMAN and MATT KAMEN are with the Department of Psychology at Harvard University.