Pork Industry Handbook

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Fully updated for the 2010 edition, The Pork Industry Handbook is the premier reference for modern American pork production with more than 270 science-based and cutting-edge articles for pork producers and related industries. Available as a hardbound, two-book set, the handbook includes 1,600+ pages produced by swine experts at Purdue University and 18 other land-grant universities, nine state pork boards, and the National Pork Board, in cooperation with the U.S. Pork Center of Excellence and pork checkoff program. Nearly 500 editors and reviewers were involved in the project. Use the handbook to get the most out of your investment by accessing the latest information on production and management systems, business and financial management, and facilities and equipment information. Improve your rate of gain with the current research on breeding and genetics, swine nutrition and health, reproduction, manure management, and pork quality. Contents include: Production and Management Systems, Business Management, Human Resources, Swine Health, Animal Behavior and Welfare Issues, Breeding and Genetics, Swine Nutrition, Reproduction, Facilities and Equipment, Environmental Stewardship, Marketing, Pork Quality, Pork Safety, Youth Projects, Statistics, Worker Health & Safety.