About the Press

Purdue University Press was founded in 1960 and has a distinguished history. It is administratively a unit of Purdue University Libraries and its Director reports to the Dean of Libraries. There are nine staff members, as well as graduate assistants and student interns. Dedicated to the dissemination of scholarly and professional information, the Press provides quality resources in several key subject areas including business, technology, health, veterinary sciences, and other selected disciplines in the humanities and sciences. As well as publishing around 25 books a year, and three subscription-based journals, the Press is committed to broadening access to scholarly information using digital technology. As part of this initiative, the Press distributes a number of Open Access electronic-only journals. An editorial board of Purdue faculty members is responsible for the imprint of the Press and meets twice a semester to consider manuscripts and proposals, and guide the editorial program. Purdue University Press is a member of the Association of University Presses.