Central European Studies

The demise of the Communist Bloc a quarter century ago exposed the need for greater understanding of the broad stretch of Europe that lies between Germany and Russia. For more than four decades the Purdue University Press Central European Studies series has enriched knowledge of the region by producing scholarly monographs, advanced surveys, and select collections of the highest quality. Since its founding, this has been the only English-language series devoted primarily to the lands and peoples of the Habsburg Empire, its successor states, and those areas lying along its immediate periphery. Among the broad range of international scholars in the series are several authors whose engagement in public policy reflects the pressing challenges that confront the successor states. Indeed, salient issues such as democratization, censorship, competing national narratives, and the aspirations and treatment of national minorities bear evidence to the continuity between the region’s past and present.

Series editors: Howard Louthan, University of Minnesota; Daniel L. Unowsky, University of Memphis; Dominique Reill, University of Miami; Paul Hanebrink, Rutgers University; Maureen Healy, Lewis & Clark College; Nancy M. Wingfield, Northern Illinois University