Methods in Fruit Breeding

Methods in Fruit Breeding (Hardback)

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 Methods in Fruit Breeding
Purdue University Press
Agriculture, Horticulture
8.50" x 11.00"

Book Description

Methods in Fruit Breeding serves as a companion volume to Advances in Fruit Breeding, which treats the subject of plant improvement on a crop-by-crop basis. Published in 1975, Advances in Fruit Breeding successfully brought the literature up-to-date, and the book's reception by the fruit breeding community was gratifying. However, because each chapter is narrowly focused, practitioners find it more useful than do students. Now Methods in Fruit Breeding considers the subject from a procedural and theoretical point of view. Each of the twenty-four chapters draws on a wide base of crop examples that provide fresh insights into old problems. Consequently, this new work will be useful to teachers and students as well as to fruit breeders. Recent rapid advances in plant science have had a great impact on the technology of crop improvement. Methods in Fruit Breeding, which introduces the reader to these new approaches, is divided into five major sections.

About the Editor(s):

James N. Moore , Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Arkansas.  He established the University of Arkansas fruit breeding program in 1964.  He is best known for pioneering work in the development of erect, sweet and thornless blackberries and co-development of the first primocane-fruiting blackberry cultivars.

Jules Janick, James Troop Distinguished Professor in Horticulture, Dept Horticulture & Landscape Architecture, Purdue University.  Jules Janick is well known in the horticultural and breeding community.  He has worked with germplasm and was involved with exchange of Eruca and Diplotaxus germplasm in Italy while he held a Fulbright Fellowship at the University of Sant’Ana in Pisa in 2004.